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Kylie Jenner just turned 20 years old, and she has already accomplished a lot.

No, we’re not talking about her selfies or drama with Tyga. We’re talking about her businesses. 

It was revealed earlier this week that her brand, Kylie Cosmetics is on track to become a billion-dollar beauty brand by the year 2022. 

Kylie Jenner Prom Dress

That’s an accomplishment that people can only dream of, but it’s especially astounding when you consider Jenner’s age. 

Being one of the most popular youngsters on the planet, everyone wants to be her friend, and sometimes members of her glam team take that a little too far. 

In a new sneak peek for Sunday’s episode of Life of Kylie, designer Tokyo Stylez turns to Kylie’s assistant, Victoria to find out some more information about why he is no longer allowed to bring his boyfriend to the workplace. 

"So I need to talk to you. I wanted to ask you something," Tokyo says to Victoria.

Kylie Jenner with a Selfie

"My Chris said that he can’t be around no more during glam sessions and stuff and this and that."

Victoria counters, "So we’re trying this new thing where whenever she needs glam, only the people that need to be there have to come. Kylie said. ‘If I request Tokyo, I just want Tokyo. I don’t need someone else to come.’"

"Is he mad?" Victoria says, and Tokyo confirms that Chris is "hurt" by the whole situation. 

Why is Tokyo even bringing his boyfriend along with him to work? It’s a little unprofessional if you ask us. 

Kylie Jenner Sneak Peek Silhouette

With the crazy things going on in Kylie’s life, she needs a team that she knows will be there for her when she needs them. 

Having people on her team who bring people along with them to work is a bit much, and it’s no wonder she had to put her foot down on the matter. 

For what it’s worth, Victoria tries to diffuse the situation in the best way possible … by circling back to what happened to Kim in Paris. 

"I think after what happened to Kim, they’re trying to keep it more professional," Victoria explains. "It wasn’t personal."

Kylie Jenner for GQ Mexico

Kylie then opened up about her views on the matter via a confessional, and we have to agree with her. 

"I do have limits as a boss," she begins.

"I hate conflict, but I also learned you can’t really let people working around you get too comfortable because that’s when you get taken advantage of. It’s happened way too many times with my family."

Kylie has grown up with her family in the spotlight, so she knows first hand that there are opportunists in the world and how far they will go for fifteen minutes of fame. 

Kylie Jenner is Thirsty

In short, there is no such thing as being too careful. 

What do you think about all of this?

Should Tokyo have been allowing Chris to tag along with him in the first place?

Sound off below!