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Back in April, Kim Zolciak’s 4-year-old son Kash was severely injured after being attacked by a dog.

Zolciak updated fans on Kash’s recovery via social media, but she kept certain details to herself, and as a result, the severity of the attack remains something of a mystery.

Based on what we know, it sounds as though Kash’s injuries bordered on life-threatening.

Kash Biermann Snuggles a Puppy
Photo via Instagram

Zolciak described her son as "traumatized" and revealed that he nearly "lost a very important organ," though she never specified which one.

Kim is under no obligation to divulge the details of her son’s condition, but from what she chose to share, we can surmise that the incident left Kash with both physical and psychological scars that could last a lifetime.

It’s for that reason that many fans are shocked by Kim’s choice of present for her son’s fifth birthday.

According to a Snapchat from Kim posted yesterday, she and husband Kroy Biermann surprised Kash with a pit bull puppy.

She shared a photo of the boy and his dog with fans, most of whom have been supportive of her decision.

Kash Biermann Plays With Pit Bull
Photo via Instagram

She captioned the image:

"My heart is going to explode."

The choice of present resulted in some negative comments online for obvious reasons.

Some bashed Kim as insensitive for putting the child in a position where showing fear would mean rejecting a birthday present from his parents.

Others defended the reality star, pointing out that she’s posted photos of Kash playing with dogs on more than one occasion since his attack.

Knowing next to nothing about Kash’s psychological state in the months following the attack, it’s impossible for us to say if the gift of a puppy was a bad idea or just what the doctor ordered.

Kim Zolciak with Kash and KJ
Photo via Instagram

Whatever the case, it seems Kim’s youngest is recovering nicely.

Kash started kindergarten earlier this week, and it seems the occasion took a serious emotional toll on Kim.

"My nugget Kash is a bit more sensitive and shy. There is something about boys that just gets me," Zolciak captioned an Instagram pic on Monday.

"THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments through all my tears last night I didn’t feel as crazy knowing so many of you are going through the same. Love all of you have a fantastic day and I’ll let you know if I hop in my car and go pick him up."

No matter what she does, fans will likely continue to question Kim’s parenting methods, but there’s no questioning her love for her kids.