Kim Zolciak: That Dog Broke My Son's Face!

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Kim Zolciak isn't exactly the most likable person.

Maybe it's because her never-ending stream of selfies is just too overwhelming, or maybe it's because she keeps denying she's had plastic surgery when she looks nothing like she did a few years ago.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann in Venice

Or maybe it's because she does things like offer up sexual favors from her own daughter in exchange for concert tickets.

Whatever the reason, Kim is usually just too obnoxious to handle.

But when her son, Kash, was attacked by a dog a few months ago, we all put those feelings aside to wish the best for that poor little boy.

In a shocking Instagram post she made in April, she explained that Kash "was bit by a dog and had very traumatic injuries."

"I've never prayed so hard, or been so scared in my life," she wrote.

"Kash was in the operating room for a couple hours and now we are praying for a quick speedy recovery."

Kim Zolciak Kash Healing

Thankfully, his recovery has been quick -- he was able to leave the hospital sooner than expected after being bitten, and he's been healing ever since.

Kim has said that he wasn't expected to have any lasting problems from the bite, either physically or emotionally.

And thanks to that previously mentioned never-ending stream of social media posts, we know that Kash isn't the least bit afraid of dogs after the incident.

So it looks like the kid is doing wonderfully, right?

But according to a new update form Kim, things could have been much, much worse.

Along with the update, she shared a photo of Kash with the plastic surgeon that helped him after the attack, Dr. Williams.

Kash Biermann with Doctor

She said that after their recent visit with the surgeon, "He is pleased with his progress and he doesn't feel he will need additional surgeries."

"THANK YOU GOD," she continued, "and Thank you Dr. Williams for your magical hands."

"Kash's face was broken and had to be pieced literally back together and due to all the swelling/trauma you don't know for several weels if more surgery is needed in order to align the face."

Wow ... we didn't know things were that bad.

His face "had to be pieced literally back together"?

Kash Biermann Snuggles a Puppy

What a nightmare.

Kim went on to explain "We just got the news we were hoping for!", meaning that Kash doesn't require any additional surgery.

"This is nothing short of a divine intervention. Thank you for all your prayers you have no idea how much they truly helped."

"Upwards and Onwards," she concluded her post.

It really is great news, and we're happy for Kim and her family.

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