Jon Gosselin vs. Kate Gosselin: Cops Called Over Huge Fight ... in Public, with Daughter Present

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Contrary to what most people around the world likely think, Kate Plus 8 is still a TV show.

It airs new episodes and everything.

Similarly, despite neither its star nor her estranged husband being in the news very much anymore, Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin remain at odds.

K8 Plus Eight Star

That's putting it mildly.

This remains one of the most volatile and ugly celebrity breakups in history, and years later, may even be getting worse if not better.

Sad case in point:

According to police in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, a call was made on Tuesday afternoon regarding a custody dispute between the ex-spouses and reality TV co-stars.

As reported by TMZ, E! News and other outlets, cops were called to an orthodontist’s office around 1:10 p.m. due to a “verbal domestic dispute over child custody involving one minor (Female/13 years old)."

One of the controversial parents took their child to her appointment, but then the other showed up and an argument broke out over who would be driving her home.

Kate Gosselin on Instagram

A Wyomissing Police Department spokesperson didn't offer too many details, but did reveal to Entertainment Tonight:

“The call came in at 1:10 this afternoon for a verbal domestic argument … over the custody of one of their 13-year-old daughters."

“No one was arrested and the daughter did go home with the father after she expressed that was her desire to do."

Married for a decade until their divorce in 2009, the Gosselins rose to fame as the lead cast members on Jon & Kate Plus 8.

They starred on the series along with their eight children.

Twins Mady and Cara recently turned 16; Jon and Kate's sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Leah and Joel are 13.

Jon Gosselin in a Gray Jacket Picture

Tension has existed between Jon and Kate ever since their split, but they have operated under the same custody arrangement for seven years now.

Details are mostly kept under wraps, even as they feud about this in public; Jon and Kate share custody in some complicated fashion.

Kate recently made negative headlines after an episode of Kate Plus 8 aired in which the sextuplets celebrated their 13th birthdays.

All except Collin, that is.

The young teenager was missing because he’s in some mystery facility being treated for "special needs" by so-called "behavior specialists."

This is perfectly fine and maybe even healthy for the child, but Kate has seemingly just gone on with her life and her show.

Kate Plus Eight (8)

Fans have accused her of essentially shrugging over the fact that one of her sons isn't part of the family, not even for milestone occasions.

Jon, meanwhile, has done very little for years.

Waiting tables, DJing and working other jobs to pay the bills, he did sort of perform at a strip club this spring, so that's something, we guess.

Look, both Jon and Kate are very annoying.

We don't know exactly how their latest tiff was left, but, as always, we hope they can keep things as amicable as possible moving forward.

There are quite a few kids in the picture here. One would think that would be the determining factor in behaving like adults, but ...

Jon Gosselin Poster

UPDATE: According to a new report, Hannah was sitting in her dad's car in a parking lot off a Pennsylvania highway when this went down.

That's when her mom insisted on taking her home ... which led to an insane altercation that landed Hannah in the hospital.

Hannah “screamed, sobbed, and violently resisted” while Kate grabbed ahold of her arm and tried to force her out of the vehicle.

“No! Stop, please stop! Let go of me, Mommy!” Hannah allegedly yelled as Jon actively encouraged his child to resist her mom.

“Hold on. Hold on. If you don’t want to go, don’t go," the magazine claims Jon said to Hannah. "I can’t help you. Hold on. Hold on."

The showdown lasted three hours, an insider says, adding that Hannah said her arm was injured in the back-and-forth.

Kate Gosselin Losing Her S--t

An ambulance was even called to the scene.

At the hospital, “Kate told the police she thought Jon was a danger and Hannah needed to be protected," an insider alleges, adding:

"So the police removed Jon while Hannah was being treated," which is incredible for almost too many reasons to list here.

That Kate would manhandle her daughter ... that Jon would egg her on, rather than try to break it up ... that the cops came ...

... that they ended up in the hospital because they couldn't get along and then couldn't even be civil at that point ...

Wow. Just wow. These poor kids.

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