Jenelle Evans SLAMS Chelsea Houska's Dad: Cram It, You Fat F--k!

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Jenelle Evans has never been a particularly even-tempered young woman, and at this point, there's nothing surprising about her instability.

She demonstrates it on just about every single episode of Teen Mom 2, to the point where her mercurial nature is just accepted at this point.

Jenelle Evans Attends 2017 VMAs

But we do sometimes find ourselves caught off guard.

When she tears into someone on social media, we're reminded that no part of the Jenelle we see on camera is fake. She's really like this, folks.

Last month, Jenelle attacked David Eason's sister in a bonkers Facebook rant proving that no one is off limits when it comes to the wrath of the Carolina Hurricane.

Most reality stars observe strict Mafia rules and refuse to go after their co-stars' friends and family. Not Jenelle, and not even close.

Latest, greatest case in point:

She went on a foul-mouthed tirade against the father of her fellow TM2 cast member Chelsea Houska during last night's episode.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, then you're probably familiar with Randy Houska, the mild-mannered dentist dad of Chelsea.

Jenelle Evans' Kissy Face with David Eason

In fairness to Jenelle (and we're not thrilled about defending the eternally-enraged Ms. Evans), she wasn't the one who started this war of words.

While widely regarded as the among the most stable and supportive of the Teen Mom dads, Chelsea's dad is not afraid to throw some elbows.

Often quick to rush to his daughter's defense on Twitter, he sometimes offers his two cents on the other cast members as well.

This time, well, he was put in his place. Or at least met his match in Evans, whom he criticized after seeing how she treats her kids.

“It is good to scream at each other in front of the kids, it teaches them great things,” Randy tweeted during last night's episode of Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle's reaction? Grab a hat and hold the f--k onto it ...

Jenelle Evans' Car Selfie

Evans fired back, showcasing her usual wit and grace:

“Hey you fat f--k, I am so sick of you commenting on my life. go tend to your own family. You don’t know a f--king thing i’ve been through.”

She later added:

“I don’t give two s--ts anymore. not any other parent comments about me negatively except randy. nothing positive, ever.”

In a rare conciliatory gesture, Jenelle later deleted the tweets, but in a recent interview with Radar, she stated that she stands by her remarks.

“I wish he would stop,” she told the site.

“He doesn’t know me or what I have to deal with when it comes to my mom. Yes, of course my mom brings out the worst in me."

Jenelle Evans Waist Trains

Jenelle admits that yes, "we are bound to argue sometimes, but it’s gotten better and everything is a lot more calmer on my end.”

She then proceeded to really go off on the poor guy, even referencing a storyline that last night's episode that Chelsea says was fabricated in post production.

“He should be more focused on Aubree being ignored, since all they show is me yelling," she said, turning his daughter's argument around.

"If that’s true and that’s all we do 24/7 ... then I guess MTV is true about Aubree being ignored since Watson has been born."

We suppose in her own way, she was making a point about MTV's editing practices.

Randy Houska and Aubree

But this is Jenelle we're talking about, so she couldn't resist going in for the kill:

“I’m not as bad as a person Randy thinks," she said.

"But if he wants to spend his time checking Twitter daily like it’s his job, then so be it. He’s just now another creepy Teen Mom troll in my book."

“Maybe that’s why Aubree is ignored," Evans added, referencing Chelsea's daughter. "His attention is dedicated to Twitter, not his family.”

Dammit, Jenelle, you almost came off looking sane in this one.

So close.

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