Chelsea Houska Blasts Teen Mom 2 Again: Is She Done Filming?!

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If you follow any or all of the Teen Mom crew on social media, you know that most of them have a love/hate relationship with the show that made them famous.

They love it because it gives them lots of money and prevents them from having to get traditional jobs, and they hate it because ... well, they hate it for lots of reasons.

Chelsea on MTV

Some of them get upset with MTV for giving them "bad edits," when in reality the crew just films them doing bad things and then airs the footage.

(Looking at you, Jenelle Evans.)

Other cast members take issue with the editing in general and how things are spliced together to create drama that actually never did exist.

And believe it or not, there are some folks on the show who just aren't loving how very, very famous they've gotten.

For Chelsea Houska, the golden child of Teen Mom 2, it's mostly those last two things.

Just last week, Chelsea complained that MTV had taken a comment she made and edited it into an entirely different conversation out of context.

C. Houska

She also expressed some frustration that the moms weren't able to approve episodes before they aired.

It's understandable for her to be upset by those things -- especially when they concern her entire family and how they're portrayed on national television.

And it's also understandable why she was bothered again by something that happened on this week's episode.

It was Briana DeJesus who first did some ranting about the most recent episode.

"Lol why am I still getting heat for saying white girls..." she wrote on Twitter. "I'm sorry my daughter doesn't understand 'caucasian girls.'"

She's referring to the conversations she had with her daughter, Nova, in the episode.

Briana DeJesus and Nova

Nova, whose father is black, told Briana that she wanted to have her hair straightened, and Briana and her family had a big talk with her about it.

They asked her why she wanted her hair like that, and precious little Nova said that she'd never been able to have long hair, but they told her that "white girls" with straight hair couldn't braid their hair like she likes.

That was how the conversation went, and that is what Briana is apparently "still getting heat" for.

And when she let that be known in her tweet, good ol' Chelsea wasn't down with it.

"Welcome to being back on tv lol....." she tweeted to Briana. "People will literally rip apart anything you say. They always gotta find something!"

Briana replied that "it's the worst thing ever," which seems a little dramatic.

But it's interesting, because Chelsea's words of wisdom are just another example of why it seems like she's getting sicker and sicker of being a reality star.

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