Bella Thorne: Looking Hot in Fishnets, (Faux) Million Dollar Bikini Top!

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Bella Thorne is no stranger to beautifully colorful hair or to being scantily clad. At this point, that's kind of her brand.

But she raised a few eyebrows at the Billboard 100 Hot Festival on Sunday with her fishnet top and her, um, provocative choice in "undershirt," if you can call it that.

You'll see what we mean in these photos -- because never fear, Bella was sure to share her look on Snapchat.

Bella Thorne, 2017 TCAs

Did you guys know that Bella Thorne has a couple of movies coming out later this year?

No, they're not sex tapes. She's an actress, you guys. She does movies.

Anyway, the Billboard Hot 100 was over the weekend.

Bella Thorne attended (no, not with Scott Disick in tow) and she was sporting purple hair with darker roots, which contrasted with her fair skin and corresponded with her pink lips.

(W'e're not sure what to call this purple -- it's just a shade too dark to be lilac, but we'll accept lilac)

Bella Thorne Wore a Money Bikini

The thing is, you know, her outfit.

She might not be eating a hamburger in Scott Disick's yard while wearing a bikini, but she was eye-catching nonetheless.

Her top was fishnets, but less like one of those fishnet tank tops and more like a ... fishnet poncho? Which is actually kind of brilliant.

(Though it might present a very real threat of getting yourself tangled, which is after all what actual nets are designed to do)

She's also wearing a garter belt and thigh-high stockings.

Aside from Bella's super toned abs, the most eye-catching part of her look had to be her faux million dollar bikini.

(And no, we do not mean that it cost a million dollars -- as you can see)

Bella Thorne, Money Bikini

Is Bella Thorne a mess or an icon?

We kind of want to say both.

In case it isn't completely clear from the photo, Bella Thorne did not actually take money and destroy it to forge it into a bikini.

That's just, you know, a print.

Most people couldn't get away with something like that without looking like a total dick, but since Bella's whole look is a statement piece and since she's estimated to be worth $5 million, she can pull it off.

If it were somebody just wearing a money-print suit because they fantasize about being rich, or someone who is rich, you'd seem super lame.

We would have found it more intriguing or perhaps artistic if she'd just used, like, some hundreds underneath a fishnet bikini top to cover her nip nops without damaging the bills themselves.

But, honestly, that sounds like it would have been a nightmare to keep up. And potentially more revealing than she'd intended to be at the event.

(Snapchat photos and attending a party come with very different wardrobe requirements, folks)

Bella Thorne White Bikini Top

You know what? Bella Thorne is a super hot celebrity and she's also still a teenager.

If there were ever a time to dress literally however you want, it's under those circumstances.

(Also, in general, we're advocates of dressing in whatever way strikes your fancy unless you're dressing like a Nazi or otherwise being s---ty to other people)

So, you know, let Bella Thorne be wild, you guys.

You're only young once (until transhumanism makes us all immortal, which honestly cannot come soon enough).

Until then, let's watch Bella Thorne live her crazy, sexy dreams.

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