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If you’re like us, you were shocked to see Bella Thorne hooking up with Scott Disick in Cannes last month.

It wasn’t the age difference or the general randomness of the pairing that threw us off guard, but the fact that Bella would involve herself with a guy who’s caught up in one of the most high-profile downward spirals of recent years.

Ever since he learned that Kourtney Kardashian is dating Younes Bendjima, Scott has been publicly self-destructing, reportedly as a means of convincing his ex to take him back.

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We have no way of confirming Scott’s motives, and the tabloids may be favoring that narrative simply because it’s more compelling than a 34-year-old father of three blowing up his life because he sees no other option.

Whatever the case, Disick doesn’t appear to have much interest in turning things around for himself, and it’s strange that Bella would hop on board for a ride to the bottom.

Naturally, the whole thing ended about as badly as everyone except Bella realized it would.

She returned home with tales of drunkenness and cruelty.

Disick said he dumped Thorne; she claimed to have kicked him to the curb.

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Whatever the case, they were over within a matter of days.

Or were they?

Yesterday, Bella posted some bikini pics, and at first, no one thought anything of it, because she does that every day.

Then TMZ noticed something interesting:

Bella posed in her swimwear in Scott’s backyard.

We’re not saying that necessarily means they’re still hooking up … except, yeah, we’re totally saying that, because who goes to their ex’s house for a scantily-clad photoshoot?

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Both Scott and Bella have been silent on the subject of their continued relationship, which is all the more reason to assume they’re stll hooking up.

And of course, we’re more confused now than we were before.

After all, when Bella went to Cannes with Scott, she was at least getting some exposure out of the deal.

Now she’s just hooking up with a self-destructive boozehound because that’s apparently what she’s into?

We know Scott’s the drunk here, but Bella might be the one who needs an intervention.