Bam Bam Brown: Where is This Estranged Alaskan Bush Person?

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According to a recent report, a bunch of Alaskan Bush People fans are angry because the Brown family is relocating to Colorado for a likely eighth season of their reality show.

These critics have called out Billy Brown and company for being phonies, considering they rose to prominence because they were committed to living remotely in the far-off Pacific Northwest.

Bam Bam Brown

But if these folks are angry at the Alaskan Bush People for moving (because Ami Brown is very sick)... we can only imagine how irate they will soon be at Bam Bam Brown.

This family member quit the Discovery Channel series last year and decided to go his own way, much like Jacob Roloff of Little People, Big World.

However, Roloff chose to drive around the country with his girlfriend and two dogs, remaining true to himself and his complaint that the aforementioned TLC show was too scripted for his own taste/sense of morality.

Conversely, Radar Online writes that Bam Bam is living on a luxury yacht with his girlfriend!

Bam Bam Brown Picture

Bam Bam (real name: Joshua) has been dating Allison Kagan for several months. She was once a producer on Alaskan Bush People.

According to a document obtained by the celebrity gossip website, Brown purchased the large boat from its previous owner in Charleston, South Carolina.

It is 100-feet long and is called the “Osprey.”

“Josh and Allison first came to look at the boat in November,” says a Radar insider. “He told the owner that he was in the production business.”

The yacht is still docked in Charleston, this report continues, but Bam Bam and Allison reportedly want to move to the Bahamas.

You can't get much farther away from Alaska than that.

Joshua Brown

This is Brown's right, of course. He can live anywhere and do whatever he wants with his life.

But Ami Brown has been diagnosed with cancer. She is very sick.

She may not live much longer, based on this recent interview with Ami herself.

So the question will quickly turn to whether Bam Bam will visit Ami in the hospital before it's too late.

Will he say goodbye? Or will he remain estranged from his loved ones, even during the darkest possible time?

Billy Brown and Ami Brown

We'll be keeping a close eye on this story and will let you know what we learn.

What do YOU think of Bam Bam straying so far from his roots?

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