Bachelor in Paradise Recap: His Side of the Story

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After the first rose ceremony of the season and a shocking new arrival, what did Bachelor in Paradise have in mind for a Tuesday encore?

Picking up where the previous evening left off, Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 Episode 4 saw a whole lot of filler ... then DeMario Jackson.

Bottom line, with all due respect to Evan Bass and Carly Waddell, and everyone else in Paradise right now, this was all filler last night.

The DeMario sitdown was the main event, everyone knew it, and the show was intent on exploiting its own scandal for ratings (strange).

Better than sweeping it under the rug and appearing as if there were something to hide, we suppose. In any case, out he came. Finally.

DeMario recalled meeting Corinne on the first day of filming, getting "turnt up" and going into the pool, where things got super "intense."

The next day, after her vagina being thrust in his face, and him unable to get it up, things were fine, he said, until a "third party" complained.

A producer who didn't see the encounter, he said.

At that point, Bachelor in Paradise was shut down, after which DeMario felt terrible that all the crew members wouldn't be getting paid.

The worst was yet to come, though, for Jackson.

"Did you have any idea what you were going home to?" Chris Harrison asked, and DeMario said he still didn't realize how bad it was.

He just didn't grasp the gravity of the situation, which was driven home by a video of DeMario with tears in his eyes while he was watching.

Jackson said the low point of "what he had to deal with" was when he read an article that said he was banging an unconscious Corinne.

That never happened. The Daily Mail reported it, and most people never believed it, but it was nevertheless a headline on the Internet.

"How did you feel about Corinne in all of this?" Chris asked, and DeMario wished he could've talked to her, as she too was being shamed.

All in all, Jackson came off looking pretty good in all of this, and it's clear the show still has his back to a large degree. Can we move on?

No, not until next week, which is Corinne's sit-down, which will be interesting, to say the least, since we haven't heard from her yet.

She lawyered up, and implied she was a victim, but only vaguely. If she says nothing happened, then nothing happened and it's over.

If she says otherwise ... we don't even know.

As always, follow the link to watch Bachelor in Paradise online to see the latest twists involving your favorite the Bachelor Nation rejects.

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