Alaskan Bush People: Will Ami Brown Reconcile with Relatives Before She Dies?

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As previously documented on Alaskan Bush People, Ami Brown is very sick.

The matriarch of a family that has sky-rocketed to popularity as a result of its Discovery Channel reality show has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

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On an early July episode of the aforementioned series, husband Billy Brown opened up for the first time about the severity of his wife's illness,

“Ami started getting sick months ago and we didn’t know what it was, but it changed from the point of ‘something’s wrong’ to ‘something’s wrong,’” he said on camera.

The disease is tragically so serious that Ami is receiving medical attention somewhere in the lower 48 states.

Why is this an especially big deal?

Because the Browns rarely live their remote section of Alaska.

They've carved out their own little existence up there and will sometimes go months without having contact with anyone outside of the family.

Speaking in a bit more detail about the diagnosis, Billy added a couple weeks ago:

"They’ve got to do some more tests and stuff and what they can see is stage 3 cancer. She could easily be stage 4."

Stage 4 is the most serious. It would mean Ami does not have very much time left.

Amy Brown

In light of this terrible news, Ami’s estranged brother, Les Branson, tells Radar Online that he really hopes this mother has a chance to reunite with her daughter.

Ami and Eugene Branson had a falling out many years ago and are no longer in contact.

They have not been in contact for a VERY long time.

"It would be hard because my mother is 84, and she has early Alzheimer’s,” explains Les, who hasn’t seen his sister in almost four decades.

“I’ve called the network, and my mother has called them and left messages. If we knew where Ami was, we would make every attempt to go and find her."

It is believed that Brown is receiving her treatment in Los Angeles, but the family has not confirmed this report.

Ami in the Hospital

Ami last saw her brother and mother a few months after she married Billy at the age of 15.

“We have sent so many letters over the years and Billy destroyed then,” Les says, adding:

“Billy has kept her from us for 38 years and he is to blame. It has never been Ami’s choice. Billy has been controlling her since she left us!”

According to various reports online, including the social media photo below, the Browns recently traveled through Arizona and are now in Dolores, Colorado.

This is where Ami’s son, Noah, and his fiancee, Rhain, are set to get married.

browns sighting?

Because the Discovery Channel has even set up a crew and a camp in Colorado, it is assumed that Ami will continue to receive treatment there while the series continues to film.

We'll keep readers apprised of Ami's progress and we'll ask you to keep her in your thoughts.

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