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Following Rob Kardashian’s revenge porn attack against Blac Chyna, things … haven’t been going so well.

It’s clear that whatever issues contributed to his pre-Blac Chyna isolation were only the tip of the iceberg, as his (allegedly violent) anger is alarming and his social media meltdown betrays a worrisome total lack of impulse control.

Rob Kardashian knows that he needs some sort of help, but he’s turning to Scott Disick, of all people. That’s a mistake. …

Rob Kardashian and Scott Disick Pic

It’s not just that Scott Disick isn’t going to have useful advice for Rob.

It’s that, right now, Scott Disick isn’t in much of a position to give good advice to anyone.

When he isn’t making out with girls who are just over half his age, Scott seems to spend his time drinking.

That would be fine if he weren’t a father who would probably rather still be with Kourtney Kardashian.

So, yeah, he’s not the guy for life advice.

According to Life & Style, though, Rob Kardashian’s reached out to Scott Disick.

Possibly because Rob doesn’t exactly have a wealth of friends.

"He’s reached out to Scott for advice on how to deal with the aftermath of his meltdown."

Rob Kardashian and Scott Disick

Well, if there’s one thing that Scott Disick would know about, it’s a meltdown and a string of self-destructive behavior.

But Scott isn’t exactly an expert on recovering from that kind of behavior and the accompanying press.

And Scott’s behavior is self-destructive.

Like, Scott might hurt people’s feelings, but that’s it.

All-out attacks on the mother of his child … that’s more Rob’s department.

"Rob doesn’t have many friends and feels as though Scott is the only person who’ll understand what he’s going through."

So he’s reaching out to Rob because the guy’s family and Rob just doesn’t know anyone else that well, basically.

If we didn’t know what we know about Rob Kardashian’s alleged domestic violence and other bad behavior, we’d feel sorry for the guy.

… But we don’t.

Scott Disick, Rob Kardashian Collage

Ok! reports an insider’s commentary on this disaster in the making.

"Scott is the last thing Rob needs in his life right now."

That’s pretty true.

Scott might be encouraging Rob to get out and meet new people.

But that won’t help them solve the problem.

"The two of them hanging out together is a train wreck waiting to happen."

That’s an understatement.

We feel like Rob Kardashian’s less likely to take any potential good advice.

He’s more likely to just pick up some more bad habits from Scott and add those to his repertoire of toxic personality issues.

A Rob Kardashian Selfie

Okay, so, on the surface, maybe this is just Rob asking Scott for tips on how to be a functional adult and maybe mend some fences.

(Terrible person to ask, but Rob doesn’t have that many people to ask, so we get it)

We know that, for whatever reason, Khloe is still willing to spend time with Rob, but we’re guessing that things are still a little strained between Rob and his family.

They’re royally pissed at him, for one thing.

For another, Rob tweeted and deleted something transphobic about Caitlyn Jenner as a dig at his own mother.

(In case it somehow wasn’t clear that Rob is garbage)

So Rob’s managed to alienate or at least piss off most of his family.

And most of his family is female.

Scott Disick Laughs It Up

A nightmare for someone like Kendall or Khloe would be a former lover posting their nudes online as revenge porn.

Regardless of how they might feel about Blac Chyna, that had to be especially horrifying to them.

It’s a violation that must have hit close to home.

Rob maybe hopes that he and Scott can bro it up, that Scott will understand.

But … we can’t imagine Scott doing something like what Rob has done.

Not even when Scott inevitably reaches rock bottom.


But maybe, even if he doesn’t understand Rob’s infantile internet tantrum, Scott can give him pointers on charming his way back into the family’s good graces.

That shouldn’t be possible, but for a close-knit family like the Kardashians, they might accept Rob just for being their brother (or son, as the case may be).

Scott is charismatic and endearing, however.

Those are not qualities that we’d ascribe to Rob Kardashian, who came across as off-putting and creepy well before he publicly blew up at Blac Chyna.

We’re not sure what Scott can offer him, really … except perhaps for a drink.

Just what Rob needs.