Prince Harry: Planning to Propose to Meghan Markle WHEN?!

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It's been clear for a while now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle enjoy each other's company. The two have been dating for about a year now despite what must be an overwhelming amount of attention.

With the entire English-speaking world losing their minds a bit at the idea of even the possibility of a new royal wedding, the couple has endured  a lot of speculation.

And now a source close to the royal family is saying that we won't have much longer to wait before we get some engagement news. We even know where the ring's being made!

Harry, Meg Mar

According to Heat's source, as relayed via The Daily MailPrince Harry plans to propose to Meghan Markle as early as next month.

That's ... really fast, right?

"I'm told there will be a formal proposal, and it could be as soon as next month."

Per the source, Prince Harry is having a ring made at Collins, the Queen's jeweler in Tumbridge Wells.

(Yes, Tumbridge Wells is a real place, even though it sounds like something from Harry Potter)

(And apparently there's also a Tunbridge Wells, with an N, but that might even be the same place, because the UK is perplexing)

The source also says that they'd expect a wedding as early as next year, perhaps even in "early spring."

There's so much to talk about here.

Meghan Markle Rocks This Look

First of all, we're so glad that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are so crazy about each other.

But they've only been dating for about a year, right?

Getting engaged after such a short time ... like, they're not Duggars.

But you don't have to be in a scary fertility cult to have a reason to rush to marriage.

First of all, there's just the fact that they seem to adore one another -- we can tell that even through the many layers of privacy.

But then there's the media attention.

Prince Harry may even be scared that, after the "honeymoon phase" of their relationship ends, all of the media attention will scare Meghan Markle away.

For one of the most desired men in the world, Prince Harry doesn't necessarily have the easiest time leading a love life.

He might be hoping to seal the deal while they're still riding the high of their mutual affection.

Harry da Prince

As for the jeweler ... previous rumors had indicated that Prince Harry would use one of his family's countless treasures as an engagement ring.

But it makes sense to give her something new, right?

Prince Harry doesn't love being royal anyway, and he might want to give him and Meghan as fresh of a start as possible.

(And perhaps just a ring that's way more tasteful and practical than something that his royal family might have on hand)

Having a new ring made could also signify how he'll be asking Meghan Markle to marry him, rather than emphasizing his family.

It might even be a move to appease outspoken critics of the royal family.

Though ... while he's not going to make any friends by showing off his family's ancient plundered wealth, we don't know that this makes things better.

Because isn't having a new ring made just using his family's ancient stolen wealth and (potentially) British taxpayer money to have a new piece of jewelry made?

That might not go over well.

Meghan Markle Red Carpet Image

Public dreams of another huge bash like the last royal wedding might be premature, however.

Not just because we don't know who this source is or how much they really know.

But because Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might just elope.

(And, honestly, who could blame them?)

No matter when or how they continue their relationship, it's nice to see them so happy.

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