Prince Harry & Meghan Markle: Is the Engagement Off?!

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Ever since we first learned that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are dating, the couple has been inundated with engagement rumors.

Many have assumed that Harry has already popped the question, and that the couple simply hasn't made the announcement yet.

Not so fast.

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It's beginning to look now, however, as though things might not be progressing as quickly - or as smoothly - as originally thought.

Sources close to the couple tell Life & Style that Harry and Meghan are stuck in a holding pattern - and she's willing to call it quits if things don't change soon.

"[He's] playing it smart," one insider tells the magazine.

"He's being supportive while telling Meghan about the platform they would have to help millions of people around the world."

Harry's foot-dragging and excuses probably wouldn't fly for most guys, but that's one of the many reasons it's good to be a prince.

But Meghan has reportedly made it clear that she doesn't have the temperament of her famously patient future sister-in-law.

"Meghan has told Harry that she doesn't want to be like Kate [Middleton]," says a different source. "She wants to keep hold of her identity."

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The indications that all is not well in Harry and Meghan's world have been piling up for quite some time now.

We've heard rumors that Harry's stepmotherĀ Camilla Parker Bowles disapproves of Meghan and not just casually or in passing.

Prince Charles' wife has reportedly done everything in her power to bring an end to the relationship in short order.

And that's just one of the many stressors facing the fledgling couple.

Throw in the pressures of fame, royalty, and an inter-continental relationship, and it's not hard to see why Harry and Meghan might be having issues.

As for whether or not the prince and the actress are still planning to tie the knot, it seems only time will tell.

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Harry and Meghan have been tight-lipped about their relationship from the start, and that was when things were going well.

If they weren't talking then, we're sure they'll be in no hurry to respond to rumors of relationship trouble.

So if you were holding your breath for an announcement, you might want to exhale, as it looks like it'll be a while.

Especially since Harry and Meghan might not even know themselves what the future holds for them as a couple.

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