Millina Kacmar: 16 & Pregnant Star Announces Pregnancy!

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There must be something in the air.

Let's see ... Jennifer Del Rio is pregnant with her fourth child, Courtney Ames and Aleah LeBeouf both announced pregnancies in May, and Jordan Ward is expecting her baby. Technically not shocking, since they all got famous for being pregnant in the first place.

But when it rains, it pours -- and this baby monsoon just added yet another 16 And Pregnant alum who has announced that she's pregnant.

Millina Kacmar

In fact, Millina Kacmar is the third of the season 5 girls to announce that she's pregnant in just the past few months.

(Cue the conspiracy theories, please)

We all remember Millina as the 17-year-old high school dropout from Michigan, which is generally not considered to be a great start in life.

And it's an especially rough situation in which to find yourself pregnant, you know?

She was pregnant by her boyfriend at the time, Trevor Davis, and she didn't have much in the way of a support mechanism.

Her dad was unreliable at best, her mom was in prison (for drugs).

On top of that, Millina had to deal with Trevor siding with his mother (who had a multitude of anger issues and should never, ever have been around children).

That relationship with Trevor is now history, thankfully, but Millina got something wonderful out of it -- a cute little baby named Kayden James Michael Davis.

(Those middle names are maybe a bit boring, but if Kayden ever gets tired of having an interesting name, he can use one of them as a fallback) 

Kayden was born on December 7th, 2013, so he'll be turning four this winter.

And he looks so thrilled to get to help announce to the world that he's going to become a big brother.

Kayden Shows Off Millina's Ultrasound

(He's so precious! And so excited!)

In a post where Millina shared only the ultrasound photo, she captioned it:

"Only 19 more weeks until I meet my princess. Kayden’s excited to be a big brother."

With that picture of Kayden proudly showing off the image, she added a different caption:

"Kaydens excited to be a big brother he takes his picture every where."

That's too cute, you guys.

She's due December 1st, so it looks like these two will have each other and Christmas as competition over the family's present-buying budget.

(Sorry, but that's reality, folks)

Kayden's too young and innocent to realize the horrors of having a birthday that's too close to your sibling's, however.

Let him enjoy his naivete while it lasts.

Millina Kacmar in Pink

This new baby, of course, isn't with Trevor.

Like we said, that pairing is history.

Millina is now engaged to a guy named Dylan, who will also be this new baby's father.

This is actually not their first pregnancy together, but Millina suffered a miscarriage last year.

As we've discussed before, miscarriages can be devastating and different couples cope in different ways.

We're so glad that Millina and Dylan (and Kayden!) are able to move forward.

Honestly, Millina is far from the most famous 16 and Pregnant alum, but she takes some great baby selfies.

Millina Kacmar and Baby Kayden in a Throwback

Also, she seems to produce some really, really cute babies.

We're super excited for her as she moves on with her life.

Just because you have a rough beginning to things doesn't mean that life will always kick you in the teeth.

And while her first baby may have been a big deal, she has to be more prepared for this new one.

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