Mehgan James: Rob Kardashian's New Girlfriend HATED ON By His Sisters!

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Everybody makes some relationship choices that their families don't exactly love. Some ... more than others.

Rob Kardashian, after years of virtual seclusion, seems to be making up for lost time when it comes to romantic entanglements. And the rest of the Kardashian clan don't seem to be loving it.

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People reports that Rob Kardashian is dating Mehgan James, a 26-year-old who previously dated a player for the Denver Broncos -- which we're to understand means that we was a football player.

So you might look at this and see a TV personality who might like to date men with a little bit of fame and a lot bit of money.

The thing is that Rob's fellow Kardashians apparently have some concerns.

You might say that they're ... kind of meh about it.

Mehgan James in a Yellow Jersey

"They hope it's short-lived, because she seems like drama as well," a source told People, explaining that the Kardashians aren't happy with Rob's new relationship.

"Now that Rob finally got away from the Chyna drama, they don't want him to start another destructive relationship."

Now that the chaotic whirlwind finally seems to be behind him, they don't want to watch him set himself up for stress and heartbreak yet again with another ill-conceived romance.

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We totally get it.

First of all, the family's still getting over Rob's breakup with Blac Chyna.

And while co-parents Rob and Black Chyna seem to be getting along much better now, the messy end to their messy relationship entailed so much tangled drama, especially since Kylie was -- and seems to somehow be always -- dating Chyna's ex, Tyga.

It's hard for them to see Rob immediately dive into a new relationship that seems doomed to fail.

And in that family, one person dating somehow involves everyone.

Which might not be such a problem if so many of them weren't meddlesome -- looking at you, Khloe.

Mehgan James Showing Some Skin

They're just not eager to see Rob find a new way to make his life more difficult.

Poor guy kinda has a knack for that.

And for diving in headfirst with his eyes closed.

Though, let's be honest -- they wouldn't have minded at all if the Chyna drama had brought on a major long-term ratings boost.

If they thought that Mehgan had the potential to drive up ratings -- in a world where a reality star sits in the White House -- they'd have served Rob up to her on a silver platter.

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