Teresa Giudice: My Daughter Gia's All Grown Up ... and Going to Prom!

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There's nothing like your firstborn's major life milestones.

Even reality TV moms get excited when their daughter goes to prom.

Teresa Giudice and Daughter Gia

They look so lovely together and, even with all of that makeup, you can tell that they're mother and daughter.

They, of course, being Teresa Giudice and her 16-year-old daughter, Gia Giudice. 

Teresa could barely contain her excitement and pride over Instagram, and it's no wonder -- Gia looks absolutely stunning.

The fact that Teresa spent some time behind bars clearly only means that she cherishes time with her children that much more.

Gia Giudice

And yes, that's enough on Gia that it doesn't necessarily look flattering for her features.

But that's what everyday makeup is for. 

Gia can look like a gorgeous teenager on each and every other day of the year.

This is prom season and it's time for her to look however she likes.

She gets to shine in a room full of her friends and peers who are also dressed and made up to shine.

In this case, for Gia, that means looking like some kind of fairy princess whose face sparkles beautifully match her dress.

At a dance's lighting, she's going to look positively celestial.

Gia Giudice with Boyfriend Nick

You know, they make an adorable couple.

And they're young, so we're gonna limit our eye-rolling over Nick's super-short hair.

Frankly, a lot of high school kids are still getting whatever haircut their parents order for them.

Also, if there's one thing that we know about straight couples, is that height differences are all the rage.

As in, studies have shown that greater height differences tend to lead to longer-lasting relationships, which sounds like the fakest thing ever.

Just because it sounds fake doesn't mean that it isn't real, though.

And women do seem to swoon over height, so good for Gia for landing Nick, since he's clearly a good head taller than she is.

Gia and Nick, Ready for Prom

Teresa Giudice's had a rough go of it at times, what with various legal troubles.

What people maybe didn't consider is how much that would take away from time with her children.

It's good that she's taking this time to connect with her daughter.

It's also adorable that she's basically just gushing about her on social media.

This is a woman who's been absolutely over-the-top on television before, so it's nice to see her doing something so normal and healthy.

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