Halle Berry: Pregnant at 50?!

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Back in January, Janet Jackson gave birth to her first child at the age of 50.

Both mother and son are healthy, and many a lengthy thinkpiece has been written about Jackson inspiring a new trend of women giving birth later in life, because it's 2017 and a lengthy thinkpiece is written about every damn thing that happens anywhere.

Last night, all that speculation began to seem slightly less ridiculous thanks to the latest photos of Halle Berry:

Halle Berry: Pregnant?!

Obviously, it goes without saying that Halle remains impossibly gorgeous and is likely as close to physical perfection as the human race will ever get.

This isn't one of those cases where a bunch of people over-analyzed a single pic and shamed Halle for a lack of flawless washboard abs.

Halle is rocking body language in these pics that simply brings to mind pregnancy.

The way she's touching her stomach, the sly Mona Lisa "I've got a secret" smile ...

Halle's basically stopping just short of turning down booze and perusing a book of baby names here.

Halle Berry: Pregnant on the Red Carpet?

What we're saying is, it's not hard to see how the rumors got started.

But despite appearances to the contrary, it seems Halle is very much not expecting.

The mother of two took to social media today to shoot down the rumor in cryptic fashion, writing:

"Can a girl have some steak and fries??"

It's worth noting (as many already have) that Halle didn't come right out and say, "Nope! I'm not pregnant!"

But we think the message is pretty clear:

Halle Berry: No Bra!

Halle's not knocked up, she's just beyond the point of starving herself for the red carpet.

And to answer her question: yes, a girl can have some steak and fries.

Hell, anyone can have some steak and fries, and you get bonus points for calling them fries and not "pommes frites."

Like, why are they fries when they're served with a burger, but they get a fancy French name when you put them next to filet mignon?

Madness, we say!

Halle Berry: Fallout 4 Video Game Launch Event

Anyway, recent photos of Halle's kids give the impression that she's pretty pleased with the family she's got.

We hate to disappoint, but there probably won't be any new Berry kids running around anytime soon.

On the plus side, we now know that Halle Berry loves red meat and deep fried foodstuffs, which means her Perfect Human Being title is pretty much cemented.

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