Teresa Giudice DENIES Cheating While Joe Giudice's in Prison!

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Remember that report that claimed that Teresa Giudice's been cheating while her husband's in prison?

Well, and we know that this will shock you, but she's issued a firm denial.

Hey, at least she isn't flipping any tables ... this time.

Teresa and Joe Giudice on Instagram

It's no surprise to anyone that she doesn't take accusations lying down.

Wasn't it just recently that Teresa Giudice flipped out about cheating accusations at a charity event?

As in, fellow Real Housewife Kim DePaola said something about Teresa being "out every night with some guy."

Well, this time, Teresa Giudice's denies cheating via a statement through an attorney.

"This is typical Housewife mudslinging and has all the elements of a great scandal. It's salacious, it's juicy, it's great gossip and it's simply not true."

We get that maybe she's busy or whatever.

But in terms of public perception ... you generally want to avoid speaking through a lawyer unless you're going to court.

It can really make people suspicious.

"The truth is Teresa is in love with her husband."

We could buy that, even though their marriage has been rocky.

There's more ... and it almost makes us feel sorry for this lawyer.

Teresa Giudice Instagram Pose

"She's busy caring for her four daughters, her father who now lives with her, and she's working on her new book, Standing Strong, which comes out this fall."

When life gives you adultery accusation lemons, make product placement lemonade, huh?

"They are 1,000 percent false and have been manufactured by attention-seeking lowlifes who have no moral compass. The only man in Teresa's life is Joe. Period. End of story."

Imagine going through all of those years of law school and then passing the Bar.

And now imagine issuing denials about what a reality star does with her genitals and with whom.

And then imagine plugging her book in the middle of that.

That's either an easy dream job or an absolute nightmare.

Stay strong, James Leonard Jr.

Also, "1,000 percent false" doesn't make any sense, but we'll let the hyperbole slide.

He clearly had a long day.

Teresa Giudice Poses

We'll give her this much: it's not like cheating on your imprisoned spouse is inevitable.

A lot of the reality personality's time is occupied with her kids.

Teresa Guidice's daughter Gia recently went to prom and Teresa could not have been prouder.

She put so many photos of the prep up on Instagram.

There's no telling how many photos she actually took that didn't make it onto social media.

Also, like, people can take care of their own physical urges.

There are plenty of devices that can help with that sort of thing.

Teresa Giudice Sucks So Much

Honestly, even if she is cheating on her husband, we'd have a hard time condemning her for it.

Their marriage had more than its share of problems even before their 2014 convictions.

Not to mention that there were plenty of stories of Joe Giudice cheating on Teresa during her stint in prison.

We're not advocating for a turnabout-is-fair-play approach to adultery.

But we do have to acknowledge that, for some couples, mutual cheating can work so long as they keep it low-key.

We may not know whether or not that's happening here, but ... if it is and that works for them, more power to them.

Though if they're only staying together for their kids or whatever ... they're probably not doing them any favors.

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