Meghan Markle Reality TV Show: Actually on the Way?!?

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Meghan Markle has said almost nothing about her relationship with Prince Harry ever since she started to shag the Royal Hunk last spring.

She's given followers no reason to believe that she's in this relationship for fame, fortune or attention.

But a new report has critics wondering if their suspicions about the Suits actress have been accurate all along.

Meghan Markle Throwback Pic

Might she really be using Harry to raise her public profile?

We can't help but ask this question after a representative for Channel 4 in Great Britain spoke to Marie Claire and said plans are underway to produce and air Meet the Markles.

The proposed reality show will be an hour in length and will document Markle's life, from early childhood to her breakout days as an actress to her ongoing charity efforts.

The program “also promises to delve into how Prince Harry and Meghan met, as well as use genealogical research to trace her ancestry," writes the publication.

Markle and Harry are not even engaged yet, of course.

(Although there have been incessant rumors for months that Harry could pop the question at any moment.)

So the idea of a reality show based around their lives seems a tad bit mature.

Meghan Markle in 2015

Oh, also also totally antithetical to everything this couple appears to stand for.

They are very private and respect the traditions of The Royal Family very much.

As much as we'd love to see Queen Elizabeth take on the role of a Kris Jenner-type from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we somehow doubt her Highness would be up for it.

For this reason, Marie Claire notes that the rumored reality show might not feature Meghan or Harry at all.

It might instead consist of friends or family members trying to take advantage of Markle's sudden rise in popularity.

Just recently, you may recall, Meghan’s estranged half-sister, Samantha Grant, claimed to be writing a "tell all" about what it was like growing up with the actress.

The Daily Mail Online reports that Grant even claims Meghan’s philanthropic endeavors are "cheap' and that Markle lacks "basic human consideration."

Ouch. Harsh.

A Royal Wedding?

It's worth noting, however, that Markle and Grant are 17 years apart in age.

They were not raised at the same time in the same house. They barely even know each other.

One insider even says Markle and Grant have seen each other a grand total of one time in 23 years.

So we don't know if Grant is behind the idea of Meet the Markles. We have no idea if it will even receive a green light and hit the air at any point.

As much as we appreciate the alliterative title, however, we caution readers not to believe everything you see on the show as it pertains to Meghan.

If you want to see this beautiful star on the small screen, just go watch Suits online instead.

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