Kylie Jenner Video: Fans Cry Foul Over Haunted Mannequin Look!

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Kylie Jenner is looking extra curvy as she flaunts her body on video to advertise her new, super skimpy camo collection.

But some of her fans are saying that she -- or, rather, her body -- doesn't look quite right in some of her promotions.

Take a look for yourself.

Kylie Jenner's Orange Camo Bikini

No, we can't explain why this outfits colors are black, white, and orange.

We don't want to imagine what sort of hellscape we'd have to be in where those colors would help anyone hide.

Even then, this wouldn't help anyone blend in to a strange, alien world, because she's selling bikinis.

They don't cover much.

There are some earth tone ones that we guess match up to real-world camo, but those are still bikinis.

Obviously, like the vast majority of people who wear camouflage outfits, the people buying these are just going for the look.

We don't know if she's trying to extend a cultural olive branch to "middle America" or what, exactly, was the thinking.

But it's a Kylie product so it's almost guaranteed to sell.

Kylie Jenner in Orange Camo

Sex sells, as they say.

Ultimately, we guess that it's better that she's advertising her own stuff on Instagram.

At least it's not one of those corsets that don't really work.

Or, worse, one of those weight loss teas that might be potentially dangerous.

If you're gonna monetize your teenage body, we suppose that this is the way to do it.

Kylie Jenner in Camo

But the controversy didn't arise from the video, but from Kylie's billboard and similar photos, showcasing other camo bikinis.

Kylie Shop on Instagram shows rows of identical Kylies staring blankly at a camera, posed identically, wearing different patterns of the exact same camo garments.

Just like on this billboard.

It prompted at least one commenter to say that she looks "robotic."

Kylie Jenner's Billboard

Now, as entertaining as conspiracy theories can be, this isn't a stand-in robot for Kylie.

We think.

She looks like a haunted mannequin.

What looks "off" is almost certainly just photoshopping.

It looks pretty clear that they just swapped out one camo pattern for another, all on the same image.

We're all for job-creation, but that is so silly when Kylie could have literally just manually modeled each of them.

But, whatever. It's her business, her body, and her money.

Anyway, she looks way more like herself -- if curvier than she used to be -- in this video:

Kylie Jenner
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