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None of the Kardashian ladies are strangers to sexual or scandalous photoshoots. Not Khloe, and certainly not Kendall or Kylie.

But Khloe showed off the results of a photoshoot on Instagram, and Kylie’s pose with Khloe is giving us some borderline-incestuous vibes and really making us cringe.

Why are they like this? …

Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner: GQ and Giorgio Armani Grammys After Party
Photo via Getty Images for Armani

Okay, so, the Kardashians did a photoshoot for the 10th anniversary celebration of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Weird to think that only a decade ago, "Kardashians" sounded like someone was talking about Star Trek with poor pronunciation.

We haven’t seen every photo taken.

But if the ones that Khloe’s seen fit to share with the class are any indication, some things are better left unseen.

Oh, the one with Khloe and Kendall is fine, though part of Kendall’s face is eclipsed by Khloe’s hair.

(Maybe that’s why Khloe likes it)

But Kylie is sticking out her tongue.

Not playfully at the camera, not playfully at her sister.

Not even to lick her sister’s cheek, which would be weird but honestly not the weirdest thing that Kylie’s done with her mouth.

(One time she stuck her dog’s closed snout inside her mouth, and if we need to live with that memory, then so do you)

No, Kylie’s tongue is pointed right at Khloe’s boob.

Her sister’s boob.

Possibly close enough that she might even be able to taste her sister’s breast.

Big yikes.

Khloe Kardashian Photoshoot with Kylie and Kendall
Photo via Instagram

Incest isn’t best, Kylie.

And that goes for stuff that even gives off that icky vibe.

Don’t get us wrong, we love Game of Thrones, but Kylie and Khloe are real people.

(Or, you know, close enough)

They’re not actors who are pretending to be characters that are siblings.

And is real-world incest something that we should be joking about?

If that one had just been a goofy outtake, we’d never have known about it.

Instead, it’s printed out, and that’s the photo that Khloe decided to showcase of her with her youngest sister?

Apparently they just can’t resist pushing the envelope.

But did they push it too far this time?

Khloe and Kylie: 2015 NBC Universal Upfronts
Photo via Ivan Nikolov/

Yes, this is worse than that time that Rob Kardashian used the eggplant emoji to talk about being excited to be in his mother’s kitchen.

Like, we know that Kris Jenner is hot, but it was clear that Rob just didn’t know what he was implying.

(Poor thing thought that it represented a literal eggplant, like the ingredient in his mother’s cooking!)

Part of the reaction to this — part of my reaction to this — could be cultural.

Maybe I have some prudish sensibilities when it comes to family.

Like, my family’s big on hugging, but we were never one of those kiss-on-the-lips families.

It took me a while to get used to the idea that some of my friends came from those sorts of families.

Similarly, I had a couple of friends who came from families that never hugged — and honestly that’s way worse.

But I’m definitely not alone.

Instagram comments range from "very strange" to "that’s nasty," both of which are pretty true.

Though Kylie’s done nastier things.

Like, for example, Tyga.

And then, possibly the best of them:

"Seriously — why would you post your sister licking your breast?! Where are you from?"


They did get some positive feedback about their "confidence" and all that.

But why do three gorgeous millionaires still get praised for that?

They’ve been on camera nonstop for the past decade.

We know that they’re confident.

They have every reason to be.

We can praise them when they’re smart or compassionate or when Kim makes tremendous amounts of money in a single day.

We can even praise their looks when it’s appropriate.

Let’s just avoid any familial boob-licking, okay?

Kylie can lick her friends’ boobs if she wants.

She can almost certainly lick her own if she chooses — Kylie’s boobs would certainly accommodate that.

Let’s leave Khloe and your other siblings out of it.