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Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell have been engaged for like a week and a half now … so naturally we’re wondering when the next step is.

They’re going to get hitched and start having kids any day now, right? These are the Duggars after all. Well, pump the brakes … a little.

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Ever since their courtship was announced months ago, fans have wondered how quickly the two would officially be together forever.

Joseph Duggar got engaged to Kendra at Joy-Anna’s wedding last month (a move that has earned him considerable backlash online).

Whether proposing to Caldwell at the wedding of a sibling was bad form or not, they are over the moon, and both families are elated.

According to one report, this event was planned in advance with Joy-Anna giving her blessing to Joseph, so she wasn’t feeling upstaged.

Also, according to People, Duggar and Caldwell are planning a fall wedding – it’s not clear exactly when, but sometime after the summer.

It’s gonna be exciting stuff for all!

Joseph, Kendra, Joy-Anna and Austin

Not unlike Joy-Anna and her husband Austin Forsyth (above, with Joe and Kendra), the two met through the church they attend.

Duggar insiders say they were getting to know one another several months before he asked her dad if he could could Kendra.

(Obviously, Joe got the green light.)

Since Kendra was a part of the recent wedding, she can’t help but thinking about and starting to plan her special day as well.

In addition to the fall nuptials, Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell have confirmed that they will stay in Arkansas afterward.

Jinger Duggar left the Arkansas nest when she married Jeremy Vuolo and relocated to Texas, where he works as a minister.

That looks like an exception, though.

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An exciting season awaits the entire Duggar family, and fans, as Counting On is set to return to TLC next Monday night, June 12.

Just within the last year, two daughters have been married, and Joseph looks to join Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy-Anna in that club.

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is also married of course … somewhat surprisingly, but Anna might feel she has nowhere else to go.

Depressing tangents aside, Joseph’s wedding will be the first of its kind in that Kendra Caldwell and her family will be planning it.

That should make for a fun change of pace, though whether we’ll see his road to the altar this season or next remains to be seen.

What we do know is that Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s wedding will be shown as one of the focal points of the season.

Aside from Joy and Austin’s nuptials, and the planning of Joseph and Kendra’s, two new Duggar grandchildren will be born as well.

Jill Duggar is due next month with her second, and the pariah’s long-suffering wife is also expecting a boy this summer (her fifth child).

It has been a whirlwind for the entire family since Jinger got engaged last year, but that doesn’t mean there’s any end in sight.

Somewhat surprisingly, Jana and John-David Duggar, the 27-year-old twins, have maintained their single status all this time.

Fans were none too thrilled by a photo of Jana at Joy-Anna’s wedding, either (see gallery below for a further explanation of why).

Beyond that, Josiah is rumored to be courting Kendra’s sister, which could be addressed in the new season as well. Stay tuned!