Jenelle Evans: Adding Another Child to Her Family Already?!

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When you think of Jenelle Evans, you probably think about drugs, assault, mug shots, and Kesha.

It's kind of shocking when you remember that she's the mother of three children, isn't it?

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And really, things are about to get even more shocking, because it sounds like there's going to be one more child living under Jenelle's roof.

Right now, Jenelle lives with her fiancé, David Eason, their daughter, Ensley, and the son she shares with Nathan Griffith, Kaiser.

Her older son, Jace, is staying with her for the summer, and when he goes back to school, he'll be there every other weekend.

And David's daughter, Maryssa, has been staying with them since February, when David obtained emergency custody of her from his ex-wife, Whitney Johnson.

Jenelle Evans With David Eason's Daughter

But now it looks like Maryssa is moving in for good -- David just got permanent custody of her.

According to a report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, David and Whitney came to an agreement yesterday that gives him sole custody of their daughter.

A judge agreed, stating that it's in Maryssa's "best interest" to be with David full-time to "promote her health and welfare."

Whitney gets supervised visits with Maryssa, and she's required to undergo drug testing as part of the new agreement.

David's under similar rules -- the order requires that "Neither party will use drugs or excessively consume alcohol while caring for the child."

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If this sounds familiar, it's because Jenelle's custody agreement with her mother is pretty similar, minus the required drug tests.

Both David and Whitney have to be respectful of each other, and they can't trash the other parent in front of their daughter.

They're also, and this is interesting, not allowed to trash each other's romantic partners -- they're not even allowed to have Maryssa around people who bash their partners.

It's interesting because Whitney is close with David's sister, Jessica -- the very same sister that's been feuding with Jenelle for weeks now.

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Their fight began because Jessica was hanging out with Whitney, and at one point Jessica claimed that Whitney wanted to physically fight Jenelle for things she'd said.

But if any of that happens now, David and/or Whitney could be charged with contempt of court.

Looks like perhaps Jessica's recent statements about bringing an end to the feud came about for a reason, huh?

It also looks like Jenelle will be responsible for four children for the next few months.

Should be an interesting summer!

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