Corinne Olympios: Bachelor in Paradise Investigation Uncovers New Footage?!

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Since the first report about the Bachelor in Paradise sex scandal that got production shut down, everyone's been wondering exactly what's happened.

Warner Bros is apparently conducting their own investigation into what is indisputably an extremely complicated situation that involves accusations of sexual assault.

And, according to a report, they're uncovering more videos that might be related to the case.

Corinne Olympios Unhappy

Finally breaking her silence, Corinne Olympios stated that she is a victim, though she's said very little else except that she's retained legal counsel.

Controversial events happening on a show where people signed contracts can put people in complex legal situations where public statements are concerned.

We've known from the get-go that Warner Bros is looking into what happened with the alleged drunken sexual hookup in the pool.

Well, RadarOnline reports that the Bachelor in Paradise investigation has now expanded to video recordings not directly related to the incident itself.

"Bachelor producers are combing through hours and hours of tape to find everything they ever shot of Corinne," reports their source.

"They have hours of unaired tape from her audition to being in the Bachelor house and now on the Paradise show."

That's not surprising. That's how reality show works -- they just film and film and film, and then edit things down for time and to tell a story.

"They have lost interviews and footage that never aired."

That makes sense ... though we're not sure why that would be needed, as RadarOnline claims, since the actual events in the pool and beforehand were surely caught on multiple cameras.

But if any any of this spills over into any kind of court, which is seeming more and more likely, everybody involved will need every piece of evidence.

Recovering lost footage makes sense.

DeMario Jackson on the Street

Warner Bros and their investigators aren't the only ones who want to know exactly what happened.

For one thing, Corinne herself doesn't remember, so we're sure that she wants the details of what happened during her missing time.

Though, of course, we can't imagine that she's eager.

We've already heard that their hook-up left no body part untouched -- and some licked -- and reached the level of softcore pornography.

This situation must be traumatic enough without knowing even more details.

We assume that Warner Bros' highest priority is determining if any producers or members of the crew caused or encouraged the situation in some misguided attempt to land ratings.

If that was their intention, obviously, then they pushed it way too far and it backfired.

Unfortunately, we just don't know.

Corinne Olympios Instagram Photo

The source also says something a little alarming:

"They want to be prepared in case legal action follows," referring to finding all recordings of Corinne herself.

We don't know exactly what Warner Bros is hoping to find in these hours of unseen footage taken earlier.

Like ... short of Corinne and DeMario sitting down and planning to, at some point, get inhumanly drunk and hook up in a pool, what could investigators be looking for?

Unless maybe one of the producers who's under the microscope at the moment alleges that something along those lines took place.

Because ... on some level, it sounds like Warner Bros is expecting Corinne to sue them ... and like they could be preparing footage of her previous antics to, what? Victim-blame her?

But, even if this report from this source is true, that might not be what they're doing at all.

The optics alone on that would be terrible for any company.

DeMario Jackson Promo Pic

DeMario Jackson wants his name cleared, so we're sure that he's eager for the investigation to bring everything to light.

But as far as we know, Corinne Olympios hasn't singled him out.

In fact, "guy takes advantage of wasted girl in pool" would be a much simpler (and tragically, all-too-common) story.

But every report that we've seen says that they were both absolutely wasted.

It's understandable that he would be on the defensive, though -- considering racism in America today and how some vile people might portray him as some sort of predator.

Hopefully, when everyone is able to speak about this, we'll know who really did it.

And we're still not sure how all of this bonus footage that the producers are supposed to be digging up could help.

Sure, people on that show have been pretty wild, but how does that relate to the case?

Maybe we'll find out.

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