Beyonce and the Twins: Where Are They Now?

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As previously stated, Beyonce and her twins have left the hospital.

The singer's brand new son and daughter were forced to remain under doctor's supervision for several days after entering the world due to reports of jaundice.

Beyonce Bumps

Because they were born a few days early, the twins allegedly suffered from a "minor" health issue that was later described by some outlets as having to do with elevated bilirubin levels.

This is a normal consequence of premature delivery.

But the children were never in any real danger and they are now resting comfortably at home with their very famous mother and father.

Actually, that's not entirely accurate.

According to The Daily Mail, the unnamed (or possibly named!) little boy and girl are with Beyonce, Jay Z and sister Blue Ivy in an mammoth mansion in Malibu.

Everyone is “doing great,” an insider confirms, while Beyonce left the hospital “looking amazing and glowing.”

Instead of going to her usual home, however, she took the children to a $400,000-per-month rental with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean.

Beyonce: I'm Pregnant!

The property is on 6.3 acres. Which is a lot.

But that figure barely even scratches the surface of the kind of house we're talking about here.

Sources tell the British newspaper that is has a rose garden... and a tennis court... and a pool house... and is on the market for $54.5 million.

It has 14 bathroom and 10 bedroom and a 25-foot infinity pool.

On Sunday, Tina Knowles was spotted visiting the compound - and we have no idea why she'd ever leave it!

Those close to Beyonce have also said Tina was on hand when her daughter gave birth, although the exact date on which this happened remained a mystery.

As evidenced by the seclusive nature of their post-birth hideaway, neither Beyonce nor Jay Z is anxious to reveal very much about their twins or their recent experience with the public.

They haven't said a word about the babies and we don't anticipate any photos hitting the Internet any time soon, either.

The Jay and the Bey

Matthew Knowles, however, did tell the universe that he's now a grandfather, stepping into some hot water last week when Tweeting a message that read:

"They're here! #beyonce #twins #jayz #happybirthday."

It seemed pretty harmless to us, but some members of the Beyhive were angry that dad deprived daughter of breaking this news to the world herself.

Of course, for all we know, Beyonce gave Matthew the go-ahead to write this Tweet.

And, even if she did not, we can't blame a grandparent for being excited that he is, once again, a grandparent.

Despite currently being mum about all things twin-related, Beyonce had been open for years about her desire to provide Blue with a sibling.

She never talked openly about IVF or any struggles she had conceiving, but she made it clear in an interview with Elle in April of 2016 that she was all about motherhood.

"I just want my child to be happy and healthy and have the opportunity to realize her dreams," the superstar said at the time.

Now, she can alter that quote a little bit to reference her children.

The Grammy winner famously revealed that she was pregnant with twins back in early February.

She did so in Beyonce-like fashion, too, with an Instagram post that nearly broke the World Wide Web, sharing a photo of herself dressed in lingerie and surrounded by flowers and writing the following statement on behalf of her family:

"We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two and we thank you for your well wishes. – The Carter."

We remain so very happy for Bey and Jay!

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