Bachelor in Paradise Imposing 2-Drink MAXIMUM After Pool Sex Scandal!

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The story of the pool sex scandal with Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson is still ongoing, no matter how much certain parties might like it to end. We still don't know all of the details of what happened.

But it sounds like Bachelor in Paradise is enacting a new rule to try to prevent future "incidents."

That rule? A 2-drink maximum for the show's contestants. Which ... doesn't sound to us like it will address the actual problem.

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Keep in mind that a lot of reality television is fueled by alcohol.

Just a few drinks can get some people relaxed enough to blurt out the sorts of things that fuel drama and keep viewers hooked.

Not that everyone drinks on reality shows, of course.

Some reality stars are actually sober.

(Though their sobriety is usually a subplot on whichever series)

Some of the best moments in Bachelor Nation villainy were brought to us by alcohol.

We all know how famously Chad Johnson got super drunk on Bachelor in Paradise.

And it looks like some of the folks involved are trying to pin the blame for the infamous poolside romp on alcohol.


As reported by TMZ, Bachelor in Paradise now has a 2-drink maximum per hour for every contestant.

Now, that still means that someone could hypothetically ingest 16 beverages in 8 hours.

Which is a lot to drink for most people.

They're also going to make sure that food is constantly available to everyone.

That could really help curb some of the effects of the alcohol that they are permitted to drink.

But honestly, there's a huge problem with this policy.

And we're not even talking about how it could turn a dramatic series into a snoozefest. ...

Corinne Olympios Mirror Selfie

The problem is that alcohol wasn't the problem in the first place.

Now, alcohol was absolutely involved in the pool incident with Corinne and DeMario.

By all reports, Corinne was super drunk and can't remember what happened.

DeMario had been drinking and, though he remembers what happened, he was unable to get it up.

Alcohol can do that.

But it always seemed to us that the issue was that they couldn't consent to what was going on but the cameras kept rolling.

(Not to mention the disturbing suggestions that producers might have encouraged this situation)

Having a platinum vagine doesn't mean that you're automatically signing up for sex on camera, folks.

DeMario Jackson Talks

DeMario, by the way, deserves major kudos for speaking out about how he and Corinne have been mischaracterized.

Though Corinne hasn't pointed her finger at DeMario, even when announcing that she's a victim, some were calling DeMario a rapist after the story broke.

(There's a long history of racism behind that, folks)

And they were calling Corinne a slut, because of her perfect-for-reality-television persona that shows that she's wild and she takes off her top.

Mind you, there's nothing wrong with being a slut, but there is something wrong with implying that a woman deserved to have something bad happen to her because she is, or simply might be, one.

DeMario very correctly shut down the slut talk.

Honestly, Corinne and DeMario will be missed on this season of Bachelor in Paradise, but we totally get why they'd opt out after all of this.

We do wonder what else will be different with a (relatively) dry season.

Are they even gonna get naked?

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