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Maci Bookout has made a lot of tabloid headlines in recent weeks, but most of them have had to do with her troubled ex and original baby daddy, Ryan Edwards.

Edwards checked into rehab to be treated for substance abuse issues shortly after getting married to Mackenzie Standifer last month.

His first order of business after leaving treatment was to slam Bookout in an Instagram rant, so we think it’s safe to say she has more than enough on her plate these days.

Maci Bookout on MTV

Bookout says she’s committed to helping her ex remain sober and be the father that her eldest child needs.

But just because she’s up to her eyeballs in Ryan drama these days, that doesn’t mean Maci isn’t ready to take on even more responsibility.

The mother of three sat down for a surprisingly candid interview recently and revealed that she and husband Taylor McKinney may be open to the idea of further expanding their family:

"I don’t want to be pregnant again, but Taylor and I are both definitely interested in adoption," Maci told E! News.

Knowing that that’s the sort of quote that makes the rounds on social media and prompts a tidal wave of premature congratulations from fans, Maci immediately clarified that she’s talking about the distant future:

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"If it does happen, it will not be anytime soon," she told the interviewer.

That’s probably for the best.

Like we said, Maci has a whole lot going on these days, and the most recent season of Teen Mom: OG was one of her mst emotional to date.

In addition to the drama surrounding Ryan, Maci revealed that she often fights with McKinney at night, when both of them have been drinking. 

Bookout was criticized by fans following that bombshell, but those who know her best rushed to her defense, insisting that they’ve never met a more capable or competent mother.

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In the past, Maci has enjoyed one of the more stable lives of any of the Teen Moms.

(Some fans have gone so far as to describe her storylines as "boring.")

But this season proved that on a long enough timeline, the stresses of adulthood find us all.

Watch Teen Mom online to relive the rocky road that brought Maci to where she is today.