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If you’re a fan of The Bachelorette (and/or basic human decency), you probably rejoiced when JoJo Fletcher gave Chad Johnson the boot.

Unfortunately, as the human embodiment of evil foretold in Revelation, Johnson is impossible to kill, and network execs who love to watch a good villain but don’t have a mirror on hand love to breathe new life into someone like Bad Chad.

Chad Johnson on The Bachelorette

As the Sultan of Spoilers, Reality Steve, recently revealed, Johnson has been granted a second shot at reality fame.

Yes, as we learned last week Johnson has joined the Bachelor in Paradise cast.

Unfortunately, shortly after his arrival, the show turned into Bachelor in Paradise Lost

(Yes, we’re sticking with this "Chad Johnson is the Devil" theme; just go with it.)

It seems that on his first night, Johnson got wasted, told the other contestants they can "suck Bachelor dick," and called Lace Morris a c-nt.

Like we said, villains are good for ratings, but even reality television producers draw the line somewhere.

And it seems that line comes just before drunkenly calling young women See You Next Tuesdays on national television.

So yeah, Chad’s tenure on the island was predictably brief.

But that doesn’t mean he’s through taking televised douchebaggery to baffling new heights.

As you may have heard, Johnson is reportedly dating Hope Higginbotham, the ex-grilfriend of fellow JoJo suitor, Robby Hayes.

The best part is that there are rumors Chad and Hope are faking the relationship just to mess with Robby’s head.

Yes, Chad has been booted from The Bachelorette and its spinoff, but he’s still screwing with the other contestants, because true evil can never be destroyed – it just changes forms.

Watch The Bachelorette online to relive all of Chad’s many, many low points.