Ariana Grande: I'm Ready to Marry Mac Miller!

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Last week, a rumor that Ariana Grande is engaged to Mac Miller made the rounds on social media.

Fans were confused, as it seemed odd that the singer would make such a major decision in the midst of the trauma of the Manchester bombing, which occurred during one of her concerts.

But tragedies have a way of bringing people closer, and insiders say Mac has been a much-needed source of love and support for Ariana during this temendously difficult time.

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller

But while the bond between them may be stronger than ever, sources say Ariana and Mac are definitively not engaged.

That said, don't be surprised if Ms. Grande makes a long-term commitment to Mac sometime in the very near future.

The engagement rumors began when fans noticed that Ariana was sporting a massive rock on her left ring finger during her benefit concert for the victims of the Manchester attack.

It turns out the ring was a gift from Mac ... but the rapper has yet to pop the question.

"They aren't engaged yet, but Mac did buy her a diamond ring, just as a gesture. Ariana made the decision to wear it on her engagement finger," a source close to the singer tells In Touch.

Ariana Grande Manchester Concert Photo

The insider says that Ariana is certain she wants to spend the rest of her life with Miller, but the couple hasn't taken the plunge just yet. 

"She’s learned that what matters most are the people that you love — and that’s Mac. She has no doubt in her mind that he’s the man she’s supposed to be with,” a source reveals.

The insider adds that Ariana has made it clear to friends and family that Mac “is the one and that she wants to marry him as soon as possible.”

Ariana and Mac started dating last summer, but those closest to the couple say it was immediately apparent that this was no mere fling.

Ariana Grande & Mac Miller In New York

Grande has endured some bad breakups in recent years, and insiders say those experiences have only made her more appreciative of Miller.

Sources say Mac is just as eager to get hitched as Ariana, and is simply waiting for the right time to propose.

Mac and Ariana are both young, but this is a wedding that fans would love to see happen soon.

Here's hoping one of our favorite celebrity couples will make good on their tentative plans to tie the knot.

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