Ariana Grande & Mac Miller: Dating?!

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It's been over a year since Ariana Grande licked a donut and weirdly ignited a national scandal.

But while the White House has been unable to forgive Grande (seriously), one semi-well-known rapper has not only moved on, he's prepared to play the role of the donut:

Ariana Grande At The Billboard Music Awards 2016
Mac Miller Photo

Yes, sources say Ariana and Mac Miller are an item these days.

In fact, the couple, who had previously described their relationship as a "just friends" sort of thing, were reportedly spotted making out at a sushi joint in Encino last night.

Sources say at one point, Grande began lying in Mac's lap, which would jibe with her M.O. as someone who enjoys being carried like a baby for some reason.

We're sure the other diners were highly appreciative of the constant PDA.

Anyway, Ari and Mac reportedly met while collaborating on her single "The Way":

For their next project, they've decided to see how many Encino restaurant patrons they can get to vomit up their California rolls in their laps.

We kid, of course.

We're sure these two were totes adorbs or whatever, but they officially suck at keeping things on the down-low.

Last we heard from either of them on the subject, Mac was dismissing the dating rumors and referring to Ariana as his "homey."

Note to couples attempting to pass yourself off as just friends:

Public makeout sessions probably aren't the best idea if you're trying to give a "platonic" impression.

Not that anyone really believed Ariana and Mac weren't banging.

Grande dated Big Sean for several months last year.

They called it quits after Sean rapped about Ariana's "billion dollar p-ssy" in a song.

Apparently, she wasn't crazy about folks hearing about her genitals on the radio.

Who would've guessed?

Big Sean and Ariana Grande

So yeah, just remember not to do that, and you should be just fine, Mac.

Hopefully that went without saying.

Anyway, good luck, you crazy kids!

Just stop making people watch you swap spit while they're trying to slurp down some sake.

That stuff is expensive, yo.

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