Kylie Jenner: "Butt Scar" Photo Prompts Implant Rumors

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Kylie Jenner's career may have started on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but these days, it's based largely on her social media following. 

Her massive social media following.

Kylie Jenner Photoshopped?

It's Kylie's 93 million Instagram followers, not her TV fame, that allow her to earn cash as an "influencer" and refer to herself as a model.

Even though - unlike her older sister Kendall Jenner - she's never walked a runway and often prefers to wear as little clothing as possible.

So when Kylie has a bad week on social media, it's not a minor annoyance, like that time no one liked that picture of your cat.

It's more like if you got reprimanded at work in front of 93 million people.

The 19-year-old's string of bad luck started last week when a Kylie Photoshop fail was detected, passed around social media, and widely mocked.

This week, it's a different kind of controversy, as Kylie is getting called out for apparently failing to retouch one of her pics.

Kylie Jenner Butt Scar Photo

Witness the eye-popping (for multiple reasons) image above.

You see, for as long as she's been famous, rumors of Kylie undergoing plastic surgery have circulated non-stop across the Internet.

The one that seems to bug the 19-year-old lip kit mogul the most is rampant speculation that Kylie has had butt implants.

She denies this, but many fans are now taking the photo above as confirmation that Kylizzle is sitting on artificial cakes.

As you can see, there's a small scar on Kylie's backside.

Not really that small, in actuality, and Kylie's followers have speculated that the mark could be from an incision made by a plastic surgeon.

“What happened to her butt?” one commenter wrote.

Kylie Jenner Underboob

“Omg what happened to her? That’s a big scar," another follower remarked, pretty much stating the obvious, because OMG is right. 

Interestingly, Kylie has yet to comment on the scar.

Normally, this is the sort of thing she would immediately seek to clear up. Her silence, of course, is only adding fuel to the rumor fire.

Kylie has several tattoos, and several fans have come to her defense, claiming that the slash in the pic is just a portion of oddly-placed ink.

If that's the case, Kylie should really hop back on Twitter and clear the air. After all, there's more at stake here than just one little rumor.

Kylie Jenner in Underwear on Snapchat

Much of Kylie's appeal lies in what young fans see as her authenticity. She is many things, but she is who she purports to be.

She may live the life of luxury, but there has always been something "real" enough about Kylie and her siblings that fascinates fans.

Getting caught deceiving those fans twice in one week (Kylie has repeatedly insisted that she's never had any plastic surgery done)?

That could do irreparable damage to her brand, especially one based on the notion that she is an accessible celebrity.

After all, teens these days don't want to buy overpriced lip kits from people they don't feel they can't trust and relate to.

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