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As you’ve likely heard, Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn have broken up after nearly three years of dating.

Speculation about why Munn and Rodgers called it quits has been circulating on the Internet for weeks, but we’re no closer to a decisive answer to that question.

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For a while, the prevailing theory was that Rodgers had dumped Munn in order to appease his family.

The actress had butted heads with Aaron’s parents and brother from the start of their relationship.

At first, Aaron seemed to take her side, ending virtually all contact with his immediate family.

After the breakup, however, sources close to the couple claimed that Aaron ultimately decided that he was unable to completely cut off the people who raised him.

The narrative made sense, as members of the Rodgers family confirmed to the media that they no longer had any contact with Aaron, and that Olivia was the cause.

A. Rod and O. Munn
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When the relationship that seemed to be going well suddenly imploded, it was widely assumed that the conflict between Munn and the Rodgers family was to blame.

Now, however, a new theory has emerged, and this one offers a much simpler explanation for why Munn and Rodgers parted ways.

According to Radar Online, Rodgers was cheating on Munn with Kelly Rohrbach, and when Munn found out, she kicked him to the curb.

If that name sounds familiar, it’s likely because Rohrbach dated Leonardo DiCaprio for several months back in 2015.

These days, her modeling and acting career is taking off, and it seems she’s landed herself yet another A-list beau.

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Sources tell Radar that Kelly and Aaron are officially dating these days – but they kept their illicit relationship under wraps for several months.

The couple was spotted on what appeared to be a date in Los Angeles over the weekend.

But the scandalous part of all this is that they actually met way back in February – a full two months before the relationship between Rodgers and Munn came to an end.

Maybe they kept it platonic until Aaron was single.

Or maybe the Green Bay QB’s nice guy reputation is about the take a serious hit.