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Jana Duggar doesn’t have a Facebook page.

For that matter, Jana isn’t on Instagram or Twitter either.

But it’s not because she’s some sort of Luddite or doesn’t want to keep in touch with fans.

Jana Duggar Selfie

No, the reason it’s hard to contact the 27-year-old online is that premarital social media counts are on the long list of things that are banned in the Duggar household.

So for now at least, fans who are curious about the life and times of Jana are forced to rely on the occasional update from the official Duggar Facebook page operated by her parents.

In the wake of news that Jinger Duggar might be pregnant with Jeremy Vuolo’s baby, there’s been a sudden surge of interest in Jana, particularly with regard to her love life.

The fact that Jana is still single at 27 (approximately 108 in Duggar child-bearing years), seems to boggle the minds of some fans, many of whom have made it their mission to build up Jana’s self-esteem and help her find the right guy.

It seems the pleas for Jana to date Tim Tebow have fallen on deaf ears but the Society for the Utilization of Jana’s Uterus isn’t giving up hope.

Jana Duggar With John David Duggar Image
Photo via Facebook

Yesterday, the Duggar Facebook page posted the above photo of Jana and her twin brother, John David.

“Our first set of twins,” Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar captioned the image. “We sure do love these two!”

And based on the comments it seems Jim Bob and Michelle are not alone in their love of Jana (fans seem to be a bit more apathetic toward John David):

“Jana is so beautiful. I have seen her grow up to be such a beautiful young and classy lady," commented one fan.

“The beauty on the outside matches the beauty on the inside. A loving heart and an open mind… The possibilities for these two are endless,” wrote another.

Jana Duggar Counting On Promo Photo
Photo via TLC

You get the idea.

Duggar obsessives’ intense affection for Jana shows no sign of letting up … even if she can’t respond to their online declarations of love.

We’re beginning to think these people are pushing her to get married just so they can blow up Jana’s personal Instagram page.

For now, they’ll just have to watch Counting On online to get their daily dose of Jana.