Farrah Abraham Comments on Amber Portwood-Matt Baier Breakup

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We learned last week that Amber Portwood and Matt Baier have called off their wedding.

It remains unclear if Amber dumped Matt (as so many fans are hoping), or if she simply pushed back the exchange of vows in order to determine if he's really the man she thought he was.

Whatever the case, all is certainly not well in Mamber Land.

Amber Portwood, Matt Baier on Teen Mom: OG

And wherever one of her co-stars is having a difficult time, you can be sure Farrah Abraham will pop up to rub salt in their wounds and throw her unique brand of semi-coherent shade.

Farrah and Amber have been feuding for months now, and things have escalated well beyond the smack talk and social media burns that usually characterize reality star beefs.

Abraham and Portwood's cold war heated up in a hurry when Baier attacked Farrah's dad during the filming of last season's Teen Mom: OG reunion show.

We generally don't side with Farrah as a rule, but in this case, her team was definitely in the right.

Farrah Abraham Goes Bollywood

Regardless of who said what during the taping, Baier overstepped his bounds by making it physical, and it seems that all these months later, the bad blood between Farrah and Amber is just as real as ever.

Asked about her feelings on Amber's relationship woes on social media, Farrah responded with two words that speak volumes about her feelings on the Portwood-Baier romance:

“Not surprised," she wrote.

Yes, like so many of us, Farrah is "not surprised" that Amber is finally waking up to how shady her fiance is.

We were hoping for more creative trash talk, but this is Farrah, so a thread of angry tweets probably isn't far off.

Farrah on the Red Carpet

Amber made tabloid headlines back in March, when she invited Farrah to her wedding, but obviously, she won't be attending for a number of reasons.

For one thing, she publicly rebuked Amber's invitation.

On top of that - it's looking more and more like the wedding will never happen.

Amber and Matt say they're just taking a break to figure out where they stand.

But it's tough to imagine them getting back together and then abruptly getting hitched.

We think Farrah may have gotten the last laugh on this one.

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