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If you watch Teen Mom online, you’re probably aware that Amber Portwood and Matt Baier are going through a bit of a rough patch.

And by "rough patch," we mean if Amber’s got any sense, Matt’s currently packing up his Tom Brady jerseys and Spinal Tap collectibles in order to haul his sorry deadbeat ass back to Boston.

Portwood and Baier have called off their wedding, but it’s unclear if they’re still together as a couple.

Matt Baier with Amber Portwood

Matt’s given Amber plenty of reasons to kick him to the curb, but lately, he seems to be making a real case for himself as the worst boyfriend in the history of the Teen Mom franchise.

(And as fans know, that’s no easy feat.)

In addition to the fact that we now have real reason to believe that Matt cheated on Amber, he’s now pressuring her to get married ASAP, a move that smacks of the most shameless kind of golddigging.

Fans were stunned when Matt swore he would "never" marry Amber if she didn’t agree to a quickie wedding in Vegas.

After that exchange, fans assumed there was no way Amber could continue to overlook Matt’s many glaring flaws.

Amber Portwood at Reunion

But denial is a powerful thing, and it seems it’s also Amber’s drug of choice these days.

Baier and Portwood appeared on the Teen Mom: OG after-show this week, and a fan in the audience tells The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that Amber went on a wild rant that never made it to air:

“Amber totally called out MTV and went off on a total rant for like 10 minutes,” the audience member tells The Ashley.

“It came right after the part where she says that no one can make her do or say anything for the cameras, but they cut out what she said next."

According to the anonymous onlooker, the bulk of Amber’s rage was directed not at Matt, but at MTV:

Amber and Matt on Instagram

"She was more mad at them for trying to start something with her brother,” the audience member says.

“That really pissed her off and she said that they keep trying to ‘f**k with her and her family.’”

And like every Teen Mom star, Amber is convinced that MTV needs her more than she needs MTV:

"She even said, ‘They’re going to edit all this out but f**k MTV! She kept saying she has other deals in the works, and other people want her, and that MTV should just fire her but they won’t because they need her.”

Matt, of course, was quick to jump right on the "poin the finger at MTV" bandwagon:

Matt Baier with Amber

“Matt basically blamed MTV for why he got mad in the clip,” the audience member said.

“He said he knew they’d take their great trip and just use that one part where she doesn’t want to marry him and make it look like she didn’t want to be with him. They both said that MTV was trying to screw them over.”

Sigh. Someday reality stars will understand that no one wants to see the "fun," uneventful parts of their trip.

Showing a very different side on social media, Amber insisted that if she had heard Matt saying he’d lost interest in marrying her, she would have reacted quite differently:

"Yeah wish he would have said that to me!! Lol good thing he whispered it to her because I don’t mess around with comments like that!!"

Sure you don’t, Amber. Sure you don’t.