Tarek El Moussa: Am I Suffering from a Midlife Crisis?!?

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Changes continue to be afoot for Tarek El Moussa.

But what do they mean?

That's what Tarek himself is now wondering.

Tarek El Moussa Haircut Photo

Over the past several days, fans of the Flip or Flp co-host have seen a surprising new side to El Moussa.

Most notably, they've seen his shirtless side, courtesy of a photo shoot that centered on Tarek's VERY impressive physique.

Who knew he was hiding these rippling muscles and this well-sculpted six-pack under the shirt he always wore on HGTV and while making other public appearances?!?

Tarek El Moussa Pumps Iron

Tarek shared pictures such as the one above in response to estranged wife Christina El Moussa doing the same.

In a clear battle of revenge bodies, Tarek felt a need to do something in reply after Christina stripped down to her bikini and took Instagram followers behind the scenes of an ad campaign that features both herself and her six-year old daughter.

While we were taken aback to see the ripped figure hiding under Tarek's clothes, we can't say we were too shocked by what Christina is rocking on a daily basis.

She's always been very svelte and attractive.

Not that we're complaining about the revealing photos, of course.

Christina El Moussa Bikini Photo

So anyway. This brings us to this past weekend and another picture posted by Tarek.

In his latest social media image, the reality star keeps his top on, but shifts his head over to give supporters a look at a new haircut.

We've shared the fresh look at the outset of this article and we aren't even the ones questioning Tarek's inspiration for it.

He's the one who is openly speculating on why he's undergone a makeover to various parts of his person.

"OH NO!!! New #clothing.. New #hairstyle.... #No more sandals!! Half #naked pics!!! Is this a mid life crisis??" El Moussa wrote as a caption to the black-and-white picture of his new haircut.

He added:

"My sister hooked up the new #hollyweird hair style @l33hairartistry... looking pretty fly for an #old guy!!"

Okay, so maybe Tarek is being a tad sarcastic here.

Tarek, Christina, and Taylor El Moussa

But no one could blame the guy if he really does want a fresh start.

It's sounding more and more like Flip or Flop will get canceled after Season 7.

Christina has been making the media rounds and re-introducing herself to the world, most likely in the hopes of landing a solo series on HTV or another cable network.

Where would this leave Tarek, whose reputation isn't exactly unassailable these days following a round of ugly rumors?

It's hard to say.

But Tarek appears to see the writing on his professional wall and is trying to do something about it. He's fighting back. He's sharing his story.

And it actually is an inspiring story to share, considering El Moussa was diagnosed with both testicular cancer and thyroid cancer a few years ago.

"I shot this and was too embarrassed to share so I didn't," Tarek captioned one of his workout photos, adding:

"I know my journey has inspired many people so I made the difficult decision to post.. this is after battling 2 cancers and a debilitating back injury."

Hoping to serve as a role model for other cancer survivors, he concluded:

"My doctor said 'You would probably never be able to life weights again'... that motivated me to prove him wrong and get into the best shape of my life!!!

"Thank you to my trainer @quintin_tucker for all the hard work and motivation and @pyejirsa for the amazing photos.

"Remember....it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."

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