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We don't know what it is, exactly, about home renovation and design.

All we know is this: HGTV is the most addictive channel on all of television.

Chalk it up to the allure of fancy homes... the personable hosts... the fun of debating style and taste with your significant other.

Whatever the reason, we can't get enough HGTV.

But which popular HGTV show is the best of the bunch? Let's take a close look below and come up with an answer...

13. Rehab Addict

Rehab Addict
Boo! Hiss! We're sorry, Nicole Curtis, but you shouldn't be using the words "rehab" or "addict" in any kind of positive or promotional sense. You annoy us.

12. Selling LA

Selling LA
Selling LA chronicles brokers from three different real estate firms as they build up their rosters of millionaire clients and tour spectacular luxury home. The competition aspect is enjoyable, but the focus on wealth becomes nauseating after awhile.

11. Pool Kings

Pool Kings
It's an entire show about pools. Always fun for a few minutes because... holy cow, do some people have amazing pools?!? But the concept quickly gets old.

10. Beachfront Bargain Hunters

Beachfront Bargain Hunters
It loses some points for being such a blatant House Hunters rip-off. But it gains points for reminding us of all the beauty in the world. We'd live in pretty much any home featured here!

9. Hawaii Life

Hawaii Life
The same as Beachfront Bargan Hunters. Just based solely in Hawaii.

8. Living Alaska

Living Alaska
Again, same premise. This time in Alaska! But this gets ranked higher because it's pretty cool to jet around Alaska and see such gorgeous, unique areas.

7. Good Bones

Good Bones
Two enthusiastic thumbs-up for the concept behind this series: a mother and a daughter, working together, to revitalize Indianapolis, one property at a time. A unique twist on the flipping and flopping premise.

6. Flip or Flop

Flip or Flop
This only ranks above Good Bones because the latter copied is format from the former. We all know by now how the marriage between Tarek and Christina has fallen apart, and no loyal viewer of this show can be shocked. The chemistry has always been lacking.

5. Property Brothers

Property Brothers
You want chemistry? Jonathan and Drew Scott have chemistry! They also have very good looks as they aim to help couples find fixer-uppers and transform these residences into dream homes.

4. Brother Vs. Brother

Brother Vs. Brother
A spinoff of Property Brothers, this series keeps the handsomeness of Jonathan and Drew Scott around. But it adds some competitive spirit! Sign us up!

3. House Hunters

House Hunters
We know it's mostly all fake and scripted at this point. We realize each episode follows the same exact pattern as the previous episode. But we simply can't turn it off! If french fries epitomize comfort food, then House Hunters epitomizes comfort TV.

2. Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper
Chip and Joanna Gaines for all the wins. This is your basic home renovation and design show, but the affection and chemistry between its married hosts sets Fixer Upper apart.

1. Love It or List It

Love It or List It
Important note: This is only number-one when Hilary Farr and David Visentin host. We mean no disrespect to the Jillian Harris version, but Hilary and David's quick wit and genial barbs draw us in every time. We'll never list them. We'll only love them!

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