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The increasingly ugly divorce between Mel B and Stephen Belafonte is rapidly becoming a contender for the ugliest celebrity breakup in recent memory.

In addition to the usual disagreements over children and property, the split has resulted in allegations of abuse, revelations about unusual bedroom shenanigans, and even extortion allegations centering around a sex tape starring Mel.

Stephen Belafonte and Mel B

Mel recently claimed that her former nanny, Lorraine Gilles, has teamed up with Belafonte in an effort to extort her.

It may seem strange for Gilles to be playing such a major part in Mel and Stephen’s contentious divorce, but it appears that she was far more than just a nanny.

According to all parties involved, Mel and Belafonte regularly engaged in threesomes with Gilles, and there are rumors that she appears in the couple’s sex tape, which is currently in Stephen’s possession.

Mel claimed in court that Belafonte paid Gilles an inordinate salary (roughly $100,000 per year) to serve as a sort of in-house sex worker.

She says that she participated in sex with Belafonte and Gilles only because she felt she had little choice in the matter.

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte

Mel recently stated in court that in addition to the threesomes, Belafonte and Gilles would frequently engage in sexual activity without her knowledge.

She also alleged that Belafonte got Gilles pregnant and paid for her to have an abortion.

Now, Gilles is suing the former Spice Girl for defamation of character, claiming that it was Mel, not Stephen, who exploited her during her time in the couple’s employ.

In her suit, Gilles says that Mel portrayed her as “a homewrecker, prostitute, and extortionist."

She adds that Mel took advantage of her when she was just 18 and had recently arrived in the United States from Germany.

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte at a Party

The suit alleges that Mel “seduced a naive and a curious 18-year-old foreign exchange student … with alcohol, fame, and casual sex.”

After the initial seduction, Gilles claims, her “sexual and employment relationship with Brown continued for approximately seven years.”

Mel was contacted by People magazine, but has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

It’s beginning to look like this situation is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.