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Like all royals the world over, Kate Middleton is surrounded by yes-men and -women from the moment she sips her royal tea in the morning to when she stumbles to bed after polishing off her royal gin at night.

(We might be projecting on that last part.)

But sometimes Kate needs real answers from folks who aren’t just gonna tell her what they think she wants to hear.

Kate Middleton: Pregnant... Once Again?
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And for that, she goes to the one place anyone can go for brutally honest advice and a little light name-calling.

We’re talking, of course, about Internet comment boards.

Kate welcomed Princess Charlotte back in 2015, and like anyone else who’s ever raised two toddlers, she reportedly finds the experience overwhelming at times.

Now, The Daily Mirror is reporting that Kate seeks support and advice from momy-blog communities:

“Kate has turned to websites like Mumsnet and BabyCentre for guidance,” a source tells the tabloid.

“She has adopted an anonymous name, and mainly posts questions about issues she and Prince William disagree on, like watching cartoons before bed."

Catherine E. Middleton
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But while Kate may turn to the Internet for some unvarnished truth, it seems she mostly finds more of what she gets at home – folks lining up to tell her how right and awesome she is:

"Using these websites has really helped Kate, although she’d never admit to using the web for advice – the Royal Family tend to ‘just get on with it’ when it comes to raising children," says the insider.

"But, since mums on the internet generally agree with her point of view and not Will’s, she will go right on posting!”

So apparently, Kate’s encountered nothing but agreeable mums during her forays into the peasant’s web.

Either the Internet is different in the UK, or she’s doing something very right, because our experiences in comment boards couldn’t be more different.

Kate Middleton White Blazer Victoria Canada 2016
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Maybe Kate just asks really relatable questions.

Maybe when you ask what temperature baby formula should be, people get all judgey, but when you ask what to do about the American legal drama actress who’s upstaging you with her philanthropy even though you could have her beheaded at any time, everyone’s super supportive. 

We’ll try it out and let you know.