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It was just last month that we first learned Javi Marroquin and Madison Channing Walls were dating, but within days of the news going public, cracks began to appear in the couple’s facade.

Just two weeks after they gleefully revealed their relationship on social media, Javi and Madison broke up, leaving a lot of fans with a lot of questions.

Javi Marroquin and Madison Channing Walls

The earliest theories held that the decision to part ways had something to do with Madison’s checkered past.

(Walls is a former heroin addict, who opened up about her struggles with substance abuse during her time on The Real World: Skeletons.)

Now, however, it seems the end of the relationship had more to do with Walls’ vision for her future.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Javi became concerned when Walls went public with news of their relationship almost immediately after they made it official.

Marroquin became even more worried about her intentions when he learned that he was not the first of Madison’s boyfriends to be introduced to her 1-year-old daughter, Harper.

Madison Channing Walls: Who is Javi Marroquin's New Squeeze?

“This will be the third guy that Madison has introduced to Harper within a year,” Madison’s baby daddy, Tony Raines, told E! News prior to the breakup.

By contrast, Javi’s announced that he intended to hold off on introducing Madison to his son, Lincoln, so as not to emotionally confuse the boy with too many grownup "friends" parading in and out of his life.

Friends say Javi decided that the difference in parenting approaches combined with Madison’s obvious desire to cash in on the relationship left him with little choice but to call it quits.

For her part, Madison was reportedly livid about the decision.

Javi Marroquin, Madison Channing Walls

She’s taken to Twitter to express her frustrations passive-aggressively in a style that will likely be recognized by anyone who’s ever been pissed that a relationship ended, but feels that it didn’t last long enough to justify a full-blown social media tirade:

“Our generation has lost the value of romance, the value of trust and the value of conversation. Sadly, small talk is the new deep.”

She later added simply, “Ouch.”

So it looks like Javison was never meant to be.

Although The Ashley points out that MTV is working on a new season of Are You the One that focuses on famous exes.

These two don’t have a ton going on career-wise, so a resurrection could be in the making.