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Just when it looked as thought the Amber Portwood vs. Farrah Abraham feud would never be resolved, we get a glimmer of hope.

Unfortunately, that glimmer was buried by a full-blown avalanche of trash talk on this week’s Teen Mom: OG after-show.

Amber Portwood at Reunion
Photo via MTV

Yes, in the proud tradition of AMC filler hours where Chris Hardwick dissects that episode of Walking Dead you just watched, both of the Teen Mom series have weekly after-shows now.

Last night’s installment featured Amber going off on her rival Farrah –  and then offering her a sort of half-assed olive branch.

Asked about the incident in which she invited Farrah to her wedding, only to be rebuffed by both Abraham and her boyfriend, Simon Saran.

“According to them, they’re too good,” Portwood told host Nessa.

“Simon was never invited. He’s not even part of the cast, he’s just a creep that’s there.”

Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood, and Maci Bookout
Photo via Instagram

Portwood continued to roast Farrah, claiming that her bad attitude has resulted in countless burned bridges and that when TMOG is over with, Farrah’s career will also come to a close:

“She’s almost black-listed from everybody in the industry right now," Portwood said.

"Before this happened we were friends!”

Catelynn Lowell echoed Amber’s sentiments when asked about Farrah, saying:

“We quashed it, she would go in an interview and talk s—t and that’s just how she is."

Farrah Abraham Blonde Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Weirdly, however, when asked about the chances that she and Farrah might one day bury the hatchet, Amber seemed optimistic:

“There is always a chance,” she said.

“Just apologize and move on. She should apologize and I’ll apologize for my part.”

Something tells us Amber shouldn’t hold her breath waiting for that apology.

We’re guessing the idea with the after-shows is that the ladies would hash this stuff out on TV for ratings, instead of on Twitter, where MTV doesn’t see a dime.

Farrah Abraham Cleavage Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Unfortunately, Farrah was backstage while Amber was sharing her thoughts on the sex tape star.

Farrah sees herself as the female Donald Trump, so we expected a long anti-Amber diatribe on social media today.

Amazingly, her only response to the situation as been a retweet from a fan page saying:

"[Farrah] says she doesn’t care to add fuel to the fire by discussing her beef with Amber at the least reunion."

So either we’re living in the age of a more mature Farrah Abraham – or she’s just biding her time before the most epic clap back of her career.

We’re hoping for the latter.