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Lisa Vanderpump has been very vocal about the way she feels about Lisa Rinna, but did she go as far as icing the wife of Harry Hamlin out of her Hong Kong plans?

On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 14, the ladies tried to mend fences, but with everyone still thinking about the recent events, was that even possible?

Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 14 Online
Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 14 Online

When the episode got underway, Kyle Richards met up with Dorit Kemsley for lunch. If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, you will already know that Dorit tends to go wherever the power does. 

Dorit was throwing compliments at Kyle for the way she handled Lisa Rinna and her lies. Kyle revealed that she wanted to put the past behind her and move on, but Dorit was having none of it. 

Dorit felt like Rinna always found herself in these situations because she does not know when to shut up. She does have a point. 

Elsewhere, Erika and Eileen met up for lunch, but they wanted to chat about Rinna’s betrayal. They did agree that it must have taken a lot for her to come clean about what she did. 

L to the VP

Lisa Vanderpump was fuming at Kyle for giving Rinna another chance, but she decided it was the best thing to do in such a dire situation. Kyle was happy enough to put all of the drama in the past. 

"I do feel like Kim, and Lisa Rinna were able to work things out, for now, and if Kim’s OK with Rinna, I’m OK with Rinna," she reported to the cameras.

After all of that, Kyle decided to host a launch event for her boutique, but there was drama from Dorit and Erika. 

I love your hair. It looks very fresh on you." Dorit replied, "That’s very sweet of you, Erika. It’s the first compliment I’ve gotten from you, ever."

Erika was taken aback by this and was quick to fire back. 

Erika Girardi/Jayne

"That’s not true — I’ve said many times that you look pretty. I’ve said many times I like what you’re wearing. Don’t say that, that’s not true!"

The ladies cut the conversation short. It was for the best. 

But then Vanderpump brought the women to her house to try out Pandora’s new wine. However, Vanderpump went on the offensive when she got wind of Erika inviting Eileen to Hong Kong. 

Erika laughed, while Dorit started complaining that she did not trust her with her secrets. Erika claimed she did not trust anyone with her secrets. 

"Erika, you know, I like to have a nice family around me," Dorit said. "Really?" Erika replied. Erika then gave a statement about her mother, but Dorit was not impressed. 

After the big argument, Erika went home to visit her mother. This trip involved firing up her private jet. But you could tell there was s lot of drama in Erika’s past. 

She teared up just walking around the house. 

It was weird. 

Finally, Vanderpump decided to invite Rinna on the trip because Kyle was okay with her.