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It was back in August that we first learned Lala Kent was quitting Vanderpump Rules, reportedly due to unwelcome scrutiny of her personal life. 

(Lala really should’ve googled "reality star job responsibilities" before she took the gig. There’s only like one.)

The show has yet to deal with Lala’s departure, but a preview for next week’s episode promises a brief return, presumably so that she can tie up some loose ends before cutting ties with the SUR crew for good.

Ooh La La (Kent)

Despite the fact that she lasted just a few episodes longer than the ill-fated Vail Bloom (Vail, we hardly knew ye.) Lala continues to cast a long shadow over a certain WeHo neighborhood, and it seems the mere mention of her name is still enough to stir up drama amongst her former rivals.

According to Radar Online, Scheana Shay has committed the grievous sin of befriending Lala (Following the shifting alliances and rivalries in this clique is like studying the buildup to World War I.), and now she’s suffering the Regina George-esque wrath of Stassi Schroeder and company.

If you’ve been watching the show this season you know that the similarities between Mean Girls and Vanderpump Rules have been overwhelming, and that poor Scheana has been on the receiving end of some serious cafeteria table cold shoulders.

Now, an insider says that just as Scheana was being welcomed back into the fold, she once again finds herself exiled from Stassi Land due to to her decision to make nice with Lala.

Scheana Shay Image

“Lala and [Scheana] have been hanging out, partying together and texting and talking,” a source close to the situation tells Radar.

“[Stassi Schroeder] is still mad and making digs at Scheana for even talking to — let alone becoming friends with Lala [Kent] again."

Yes, it seems Scheana still just can’t catch a break.

First she gets divorced from Mike Shay, then her friends question her commitment to the wedding of Tequila Katie that’s taken up this whole freakin’ season for some reason, and now she’s on the outs again for getting friendly with Lala.

Scheana Marie Image

Granted, Lala did some sh-tty things (her "summer bodies" comment will go down as one of the douchiest in the show’s history, which is really saying something), but let Scheana live, y’all

Has the girl not been through enough?

These days, Scheana is dating again and trying to move on from both the wreckage of her marriage and her singing career, but she just can’t get out from under the thumb of Queen Stassi.

We’re about to launch a Kickstarter to buy this girl a new group of friends.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online to try and make sense of the chaos.