Rachel Lindsay Meets Meets Her Men: Who Are They?!?

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We now know who Nick Viall is going to marry, courtesy of an intense and emotional Bachelor finale on Monday night.

And we also may even know whose proposal will be accepted by Rachel Lindsay in a few months, thanks to a stunning twist perpetrated by ABC producers shortly after Nick popped the question.

Rachel Lindsay and Nick Viall Photo

As predicted by our section of The Bachelor spoilers, Viall eliminated Raven Gates on the concluding Season 21 episode yesterday, telling Vanessa Grimaldi that he's fallen "more and more" in love with her as time went on.

“So much about me being here has to do with the past, but when I look at you, all I see is my future,” Viall told the final suitor standing, as Vanessa smiled and Viall fought back tears of joy.

In response, Grimaldi stared into The Bachelor's eyes and said:

"I promise to remind you every day how happy you make me, and knowing how much you love to talk, I promise I’m ready to do a lot of listening.”

Then, Nick proposed. Vanessa accepted. And millions of viewers around the country celebrated. Or groaned.

From there, it was on to the After the Final Rose special and some kind of unique "first" that had been teased for several days by Chris Harrison and other network executives.

As it turns out, this shocking development had nothing to do with Viall and everything to do with Lindsay, the impending Bachelorette who was sent home by Nick after advancing all the way to the final three.

Rachel Lindsay Waves

"I've been talking about this epic surprise for Bachelor Nation," Harrison said to Lindsay on the special, adding:

"The truth is, it's actually an epic surprise for you. We've never done this before. You know, obviously, you're the Bachelorette.

"What you don't know is The Bachelorette starts right now."

Wait... what?!? Huh?!? How?!?!?

Harrison proceeded to bring out four of the men who will be competing for Lindsay's heart and crotch, telling the suitors to "Come on out!" while a backdrop of The Bachelorette mansion rolled on to the stage.

"I'm normally not at a loss of words - I don't even know what to say right now," Lindsay said as a limo of her contestants pulled up outside. "I wasn't ready!"

But the men sure were!

First, Rachel met Demario, who said he had already purchased a ring and booked flights to Vegas for he and Rachel to elope.

Next up was Blake, who admitted to being nervous after he awkwardly kissed Rachel's hand when she thought he was going in for a hug instead.

"You look good - you smell good," he eerily told Lindsay.

The third contestant was Dean, who actually told Lindsay, "I just want you to know, I'm ready to go black, and I'm never going to go back."

Rachel somehow adored this line.

And, finally, there was Eric, who showed off a few dance moves on stage.

That's four gentlemen down and about 20 more to go. Rachel will meet the rest when The Bachelorette premieres on May 22.

"I've kind of closed that chapter of my life, turned the page, ready to start a new one," Lindsay told Harrison about Viall and her experience on The Bachelor.

"I'm so ready to get my season started."

Rachel Lindsay is The Bachelorette!

Is she afraid that she won't meet the man of her dreams?

Sure. But how will she know if she doesn't give it a shot?

"I'm putting myself out there," Rachel also said on the special.

"I did it during Nick's season, it didn't work out for me and here I am doing it again. I really, really want that [happy ending]."

Do you think one of these men will give it to her? Which of their first impressions came across best?

And what about Nick? Will he and and Vanessa Grimaldi last? Will they make it down the aisle?

Or, in what would be the greatest twist ABC has ever pulled (non-Lost edition), will Viall and Lindsay actually end up together at some point?!?

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