Josh Duggar: Headed to Court For Ashley Madison Lawsuit!

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It's been almost two years since news of the Josh Duggar sex scandals first began to go public, and the 28-year-old reality star-turned-used car salesman is still feeling the fallout.

Shortly after the world learned that Josh used the Ashley Madison dating website to find willing cheating partners, strange details about his two paid accounts with the company began to emerge.

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Not surprisingly, Josh used an alias and a number of fake photos in his catfishing efforts, and now it seems the guy whose pics were stolen for Josh's failed attempts at infidelity is following through on plans to sue.

In Touch is reporting today that Josh was served with a subpoena at work on March 13, and unless he and accuser Matt McCarthy are able to reach a settlement out of court, Duggar may soon be forced to explain himself in front of a judge.

McCarthy, who works as a DJ and photographer in LA, says he can prove that his unwitting involvement in the Duggar scandals has negatively affected his career.

He claims that Josh stealing his photo caused his likeness to be permanently associated with one of the ugliest celebrity scandals in recent memory.

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As a result, McCarthy says, potential clients in image-obsessed LA shied away from hiring him for fear of sending the wrong message.

It's a dubious argument, but if McCarthy can prove his business ventures have suffered as a result of his unwanted association with the Duggars, Josh may have to pay up big time.

Of course, he many never have to plead his case to a judge, as Josh and his family may decide to simply pay him off in order to avoid further negative publicity.

There was a time when that outcome would have been all but guaranteed, but the Duggars have survived so many controversies over the past two years they're probably feeling bulletproof these days.

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A copy of the subpoena shows that Josh was served at his workplace in Siloam Springs, Arkansas on March 13.

The document does not indicate when he'll be required to appear in court.

A spokesperson for Josh's family recently revealed that his wife, Anna Duggar, is pregnant with the couple's fifth child.

We'll have further details on this developing story as more information becomes available.

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