Josh Duggar to Be Sued For Stealing OK Cupid Profile Pic?

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As you've probably heard, Josh Duggar was caught using an Ashley Madison account to help him cheat on his wife when the website was hacked last week.

It soon came out that Duggar was also using OK Cupid and Facebook in his wide-ranging efforts to find a suitable side-piece.

Naturally, Josh didn't post his actual photo when he was using the Internet to try and score some of the side.

It was a smart move, as not only is the man famous, but he also looks like Josh Duggar, both of which can be a problem when you're on the hunt for down-low hookups.

Unfortunately, the clever catfishing maneuver might be backfiring now, as the dude who was featured in Josh's profile pic is reportedly planning to sue.

Matthew McCarthy Photo
Josh Duggar Photograph

According to TMZ, the guy's name is Matthew McCarthy, and he's royally pissed that Josh involved him in the latest Duggar sex scandal.

Josh reportedly found the pic by Googling "random guy," but it turns out McCarthy isn't quite so random.

He's a popular Hollywood club DJ, and he claims his association with the Duggars is screwing up his career.

McCarthy claims he's already lost one gig because of Josh and he fears others may follow.

Sources say McCarthy believes he has a solid defamation of character case, and he plans to file suit against Josh this week.

You really can't blame the guy. Josh will probably be so decent to avoid talking about his indiscretions in court that he'll simply settle for s decent-sized sum.

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