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James Kennedy may have officially earned the title of biggest douche in the history of reality television.

That may sound like a gross exaggeration given the number of Disicks and Situations that have populated out TV screens over the years, but no one has so deftly combined narcissistic bullying with simpering, whiny self-obsession quite like DJ James.

James Kennedy: Timberland and American Rag present MarkMakers

Last night’s Vanderpump Rules Season 5 finale was blessedly devoid of James (as much of the latter half of the season has been), but he still sound a way to solidify his claim to the King Douche throne.

The three-part (!!!) Vanderpump reunion show taped earlier this month, and James was on hand to douche-up the proceedings as only he can.

Discussing his relationship with girlfriend Raquel Leviss, Kennedy sang the praises of the aspiring beauty queen, who seems happy to turn a blind eye to his many infidelities and abusive behavior toward the show’s female cast members.

“I’ve never been in a happier relationship in my life,” James said when asked about Raquel.

“Happier than when you were with Kristen [Doute]?” host Andy Cohen asked.

Raquel Leviss, James Kennedy on the Red Carpet

James made it clear that there’s no comparison between the two relationships:

“Oh my god,” Kennedy retorted.

“That was the most toxic, negative thing ever. But at the end of the day, I don’t want to go into that. I had my reasons.”

That was when number one James-hater confirmed the long-held suspicion about Kennedy:

“You went on the show,” Taylor said, seemingly confirming that Kennedy dated Doute just to land on a spot on one of Bravo’s most popular reality series.

James Kennedy & Raquel Leviss Image

It’s an accusation that makes James look almost unimaginably smarmy, but amazingly, he was happy to embrace it.

“F**k yeah I did, mate!” Kennedy laughed, reportedly high-fiving Jax in celebration.

To make matters worse, he added:

“To be honest, I was getting on the show regardless because I was either going to move in with [Tom Sandoval] or start banging his ex-girlfriend."

Yes, at this point, we don’t think there’s any question that James is the Lord Douche Supreme of reality television.

Raquel Leviss with James Kennedy

(Not that he doesn’t have some stiff competition from elsewhere of basic cable.)

Watch Vanderpump Rules online to relive all of James’ douchiest moments.

It may take you a few weeks.

The guy is really just the worst.