Faith Evans on Stevie J: He Ain't My Boo!

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Faith Evans has a message for anyone who thought she and Stevie J would get married, have lots of babies and live happily ever after together.

And that message goes something like this:

What the heck have you been smoking?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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During a radio interview this week with The Breakfast Club, one of the show's hosts referred to the VH1 reality star as Faith’s “boo," a denomination that was quickly shot down by the singer.

“He’s not anymore,” Evans replied, confirming that she and Stevie had been lovers at one point.

But the romance is very clearly a thing of the past.

This reply shouldn't come as a major shock to anyone who has been following Stevie J's turbulent love life.

In December, Stevie welcomed a baby girl with ex-girlfriend Joseline Hernandez, someone with whom he's enjoyed a roller coaster relationship that would make Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez appear stable.

Last fall, however, rumors of Stevie boinking Evans made the Internet rounds...

... only for rumors of Stevie cheating on Evans to almost immediately follow suit.

Then, in January, there was talk that Stevie was taking trips to Pound Town with someone named Candice Boyd.

Stevie J in the Car

Stevie and Faith have been friends for over a decade.

Evans acknowledges that they took that friendship to a naked level at some point last year, but also says there was never any real chance that it would go anywhere.

Why not?

“I just don’t like the drama, and I think he might be a little bit addicted to the drama," she says in the following clip.

Would anyone care to argue with that point?

Evans also says Stevie told her on numerous occasions that he "loved" her. It's unclear whether or not she reciprocated those feelings.

But, yes, the two most definitely had sex, she admits in the interview we've posted above.

And, hey, Stevie never had any complains in that department!

As a result of his entertaining womanizing Stevie ended up with his very own VH1 reality series, Leave It to Stevie.

It will likely be canceled after one season.

But you can watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online any time you wish in order to see this player back in action.

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The series returned with new episodes on March 6, and they are yet to let us down.

As for Evans' take on Biggie Smalls, Lil Kim and a whole lot else?

Click on the video above to watch her entire Breakfast Club interview!

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