Watch The Flash Online: Check Out Season 3 Episode 11

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The Flash Season 3 Episode 11 was titled "Dead or Alive."

And it's not an understatement to say A LOT took place during the hour.

For example, H.R.'s past caught up with him after a bounty hunter with vibe powers named Gypsy arrived in Central City to bring him back to Earth-19 to stand trial for his crime. 


It turned out inter-dimensional travel is actually illegal on their Earth. 

In response, H.R. surrendered... but when Barry and Cisco discovered that H.R.'s only hope would be to challenge Gypsy to a fight to the death, they interceded and Cisco offers to fight Gypsy instead.

Oh yes, he did! How did this storyline wrap up? Use the video featured above to watch The Flash online and find out now.

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